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A comprehensive guide to one of Europe’s most scenic towns – Ålesund.

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Ålesund is often rated among the top most beautiful harbor towns – and that’s not without reason! Located right where the majestic mountains and deep blue fjords meet the wild Atlantic Ocean, Ålesund is the right place to go for amazing nature sceneries.

A visit to Mt. Aksla, 418 steps walk from the town, is a must when visiting Ålesund. Your trip to Norway will never be complete without a visit to this amazing place!

The viewpoint has an excellent panorama view over Ålesund and the Atlantic Ocean, located on over 100 meters height. The viewpoint is also famous for the 418 steps which take you from the town to the viewpoint.

Ålesund is internationally renowned for its art-nouveau architecture. The town was destroyed under a huge fire in the early 20th century, and was rebuilt with the beautiful art-nouveau style.

Today Ålesund counts among the most beautiful European towns and cities. Ålesund is also a very popular cruise-port for cruise-ships, with many cruise ships visiting Ålesund every year.

Whilst you are in Ålesund, you shouldn’t miss out the great Norwegian food! There are many different restaurants found in Ålesund.

One of the most known is XL diner, known for its good seafood. The harbor is also a good place to go for buying fresh sea food, caught right outside Ålesund.

There’s also a restaurant at Aksla Viewpoint on Mt. Aksla. And one of my favorites is Egon, located in the center of the town. Ålesund also has one of Norway’s largest shopping malls, where many good cafes can be found.

Ålesund is the right place to visit for amazing nature sceneries! Close by you’ll find many spectacular nature attractions, including the world famous Geirangerfjord, which has been rated many times among the most scenic places in Europe.

You’ll also find Trollstigen, the bird-island Runde, the Sunnmøre Alps (a mountain range in NW Norway) and many other beautiful attractions. The best time to visit is in May-July, when the weather is usually very good.

A visit to Ålesund is something you’ll never forget!

The region around Ålesund is also great for skiing. Close by you’ll find many different ski resorts, including Stordal, Ørsta and Stranda ski resorts. The most famous of these is definitely Stranda. Few places can compare to the view that Stranda offers from the top of the mountain.

The ski resort has 7 lifts including a Gondola, and is rated every year among the top 10 best ski resorts in Norway. Stranda is also rated among the best for off-pist skiing. The top of the mountain is situated at 1200 meters height. 18 slopes can be found at the ski resort, with the longest one having a length of almost 4km.

On 1064 meters height above sea level on the mountain there’s a restaurant with a fantastic panorama view over the deep-blue fjord below. Here you can have a nice lunch break whilst enjoying the amazing view.

Every year there’s a competition at the ski resort where skiers ski all the way down to the fjord from the top of the mountain.

Called “Alperittet” (Norwegian for Alpine run), participants start at the top of the mountain and end up in the high street of the local village down by the fjord.

Whether you are an experienced skier, or just want to enjoy some local food while spectating the alpine run, there is something for everyone.

It happens on the 22 of February this year.

A visit to Stranda is highly recommended if you are visiting the region.

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Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, author and a Christian. Writer for Times of Sweden.


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