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Merkel: “Bad day for democracy” after AfD prevents election of far-left candidate

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There has been outcry by German politicians after a state premier was elected in the state of Thüringia with the help of the right-wing Alternative Für Deutschland party.

The state election that was held in October was won by the far-left Die Linke with 31% of the votes.

Alternative Für Deutschland (AfD) came in second place with 23.4% of the votes, and Merkel’s CDU came in third with 21.8%.

Another smaller party, called the Free Democrats (FDP) got only 5% of the votes, meaning it just got the 5% requirement to enter the state parliament.

Angela Merkel’s CDU, AfD and the FDP party combined votes that got Thomas Kemmerich of the FDP party elected as state premier, beating Bodo Ramelow, the incumbent candidate from the far-left Die Linke by 45 votes to 44, thanks to the extra votes from AfD.

This has caused a political earthquake in Germany as it was the first time that the AfD has helped form a government in Germany. This breaks the consensus among the mainstream parties to never work with AfD.

This democratic election has caused outcry from amongst others Angela Merkel who said that it was a “bad day for democracy” and “this event is inexcusable and so the result must be reversed”.

The newly elected state premier, Thomas Kemmerich himself has condemned AfD voting for him by accusing them of carrying out a “perfidious trick to harm democracy”.

After growing pressure, Thomas Kemmerich has said that his FDP has decided to request the dissolution of the state parliament, paving the way for fresh elections.

According to BBC, the AfD party has been “condemned for its extreme views on immigration, freedom of speech and the press”.

In a tweet in German, AfD clarify their political positions.

“We in the AfD stand FOR a law-based state, democracy, political pluralism and FOR Jewish life in our country. We are AGAINST all violence and censorship of opinion.”

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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