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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The danger of Opinion-fascism

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Very worryingly we see an increased trend of opinion-fascism.

In an increasing number of countries, more and more you are only allowed to have the opinions that the establishment approve of.

In most of the western world they tend to want to ban opinions that they consider right wing – but other countries do the contrary and want to ban opinions on the left.

Thus, we see that opinion-fascism more and more is being used by the establishment to try to further their own goals, whether on the left or the right.

Not only does this show a lack of belief in their own opinions, but it is also a very dangerous path, that creates more radicalization.

Most people know that if you have a good argument you don’t need to ban the other side.

Like a football team. If you know you are good, you don’t need to ban your opponent to win the match.

So, if you believe in your values and beliefs, then there is no need to ban other opinions.

This is how Sweden used to be.

To let people, have stupid opinions and be a Nazi or Communist if they wanted. As a result, no one listened to those handful of nuts.

Maybe some youths speculated in these opinions for a short time, just to soon see that democracy won the argument hands down and left it behind.

But now, banning people from opinions in 1984 style, leads to 2 conclusions.

  1. Something is wrong with our system, if we are not a democracy any longer.
  2. We don’t believe that our values will win the argument.

This is very dangerous.

Firstly, everyone knows that banning things, will just make it the more interesting, which will get more people to consider the banned opinions.

Secondly; Bad opinions might be cleverly packed and look tempting, because if compared with democracy using facts and logic, they will never win the argument.

But if democracy is gone and it is one authoritarian ideology against another, then the difference might not be so visible, so for some the bad opinions might win the argument.

Therefore, banning opinions, will just lead to further radicalization.

Classic democracy that allows bad opinions, will always win the argument, and will counter radicalization.

Opinion-fascism on the contrary, will just lead to further radicalization and hate.

Therefore, the best way – (after becoming a Christian) – to counter radicalization is a democracy with freedom of opinion and freedom of expression like we used to have in 1980-1990.

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Emanuel Imanuelsen
Emanuel Imanuelsen
Emanuel Imanuelsen is a Christian, husband, father and businessman. He is from Sweden and is neither left-wing nor right-wing.


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