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Italy: Mass closures after 16 new cases of Corona virus

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There has been a surge today in the number of cases of coronavirus in Italy. Now a total of 16 new cases has been reported today.

14 of the infected are in the region Lombardy in Northwest Italy close to Milan, and the 2 others are from Padua in Veneto, not far from Venice. The 2 in Padua are however currently not confirmed yet.

Now Italy has ordered schools, public buildings, restaurants and coffee shops in ten towns to close after cases quadruple in just one day.

There is now a total of 19 confirmed cases of corona virus in Italy, with 6 in serious condition and 1 in critical condition.

The infected in Lombardy are:

– A 38-year-old man from Codogno

– His 8-month pregnant wife

– A man who played football with the 38-year-old from Codogno

– Three customers of a bar in Codogno

– Five doctors who have visited the 38-year-old recently

– Three other patients who came to the emergency department

There are also an additional 250 people which has been put in isolation.

Of these, 149 are doctors, nurses, family members and people which has been in contact with the 38-year-old man.

There has also been issued a containment area for 10 municipalities in Lombardy. Over 50,000 live in the area. The inhabitants of the 10 municipalities are asked to stay at home.

The Italian government, led by Giuseppe Conte issued a “voluntary quarantine” for all who have returned from the areas of China which is infected by the coronavirus.

In a tweet, Matteo Salvini criticises this method of preventing the spread.

He writes:

#Coronavirus, VOLUNTARY quarantine for those returning from China ??? Are we joking??? The health of our people comes first and foremost, we are fed up with a government that decides nothing. #ConteResign (Translated with Google.)

The latest comment from Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte regarding the coronavirus is “we were prepared for this, since they are easily transmissible viral agents. The population should not be worried, we had a plan and we are implementing it”.

At the time of writing, there is 77 268 confirmed cases worldwide according to BNO News.

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Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, author and a Christian. Writer for Times of Sweden.


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