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South Korea: 2 deaths by coronavirus as the numbers surge to over 200 cases

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South Korea has now reported 2 deaths caused by coronavirus as the numbers surge to no less than 204 cases.

On Wednesday, a 63 year old man who has not been publicly named died in hospital in Cheongdo. Posthumously the man was tested positive for coronavirus, making it the first death caused by coronavirus in South Korea.

On Friday, a second person who had contracted the virus died. The victim was a woman in her 50s, who died in the city Busan in the Southwest.

The number of infected persons has exploded in South Korea recently.

On Thursday, the number had more than doubled to 104 cases.

On Friday the number had again almost doubled in just 24 hours, now reaching no less than 204 cases. Of the 100 new cases, 90 were traced to a church called Shincheonji.

The coronavirus outbreak is linked to a 61 year old Shincheonji member, who attended the church services in Daegu several times before testing positive for coronavirus.

According to Daegu’s authorities, a further 400 church attenders were showing symptoms of 3,000 surveyed in the city.

According to the pastor of the Shincheonji sect, about 1000 people attended the same service as the infected member. The church was closed on Tuesday.

The Shincheonji church is a cult which has over 200.000 followers in South Korea. The followers of the cult are taught to believe that the founder of the sect, Lee Man-Hee, is the second coming of Christ, and is revered by his follower as messiah.

The mayor of Daegu, Kwon Young-jin has asked its 2.4 million residents to avoid travel, stay home and wear masks even indoors. The residents were however not forced to comply with the request, and can travel freely around the city if they want.

The city government in Seoul has said that they will ban public rallies in the central business district, and also close down the Shincheonji sect’s churches. Authorities also said that they will temporarily shut down more than 3,000 public welfare facilities across Seoul.

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Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, author and a Christian. Writer for Times of Sweden.


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