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”Sweden is out of control” warns ex-minister from Norway

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The previous migration minister of Norway has warned that the situation in Sweden is out of control after hundreds of car fires and bombings.

In an op-ed for VG, Sylvi Listhaug talks about the problems in Sweden, while warning that trying to avoid talking about it will not do any good.

“In Sweden it has been accepted that one cannot talk about the problems because it can be stigmatizing. Now the situation in Sweden is completely out of control with hundreds of car fires, several hundred school fires, over one hundred bomb attacks, assassination in broad daylight and co-ordinated attacks with automatic weapons, bombs and grenades.”

According to Sylvi Listhaug, crime statistics from Norway, Sweden and Denmark “shows that migrant youths are overrepresented when it comes to violent crime”.

Her political party, the Progress party (FrP) recently ordered statistics from Statistics Norway, a state agency that provides statistics on Norwegian society.

The statistics show that young Somalians in the capital Oslo have 419 indictments per 1 000 inhabitants for violence and assault.

This can be compared with young Norwegian men in Oslo who have 34 indictments per 1 000 inhabitants.

Criminologist at the police high school in Norway have however criticized the Progress Party use of the statistics, claiming that the overrepresentation among young migrants in crime statistics can be blamed on their age and that they are marginalized.

But Sylvi Listhaug says that is completely wrong, and is just a way to try and “explain away a serious problem”.

She further says that the reason they are being criticized is because the numbers are “bothersome” for politicians, activists, researchers and commentators.

But she also adds that the majority of migrant youths do not commit any crime, and that the biggest losers when people attempt to hide problems, is in fact migrants themselves, causing them to be stigmatized.

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