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Sweden poll: 23.9% of young women support former Communist party

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A new opinion poll shows there is a big difference between the genders when it comes to support of political parties.

Young women overwhelmingly vote for left-wing parties, despite a sky-rocketing number of rapes in the last years when they have been in power.

Last year saw a record number of 8 350 reported rapes in Sweden, and in some areas a whopping 47% of women are afraid of going outside alone at night.

The poll, conducted by NOVUS, show that among women aged 18-29 years, the former Communist party gets 23.9% of support, and the Socialist Democrat party gets 18% of the support.

Meanwhile, men vote considerably more right-wing, with the anti-migrant Swedish Democrats getting 28.6% of support.

The former Communist party is today called “The Left” party. They changed name in the year 1990, when they were called “The Left party, the Communists”.

They were reported to have bought their party headquarters with money from Stalin.

The former Communist party is in the Swedish parliament and got 8% of the votes in the last election in 2018.

In total, the far-left, Socialists, Greens and Centre party gets 63.6% of the support from young women in the new poll.

According to Malin Björk from the former Communist party, Europe should take in refugees.

“I will work really hard so that EU does not let countries with racist right-wing governments like Hungary and Poland to continue dragging all other countries with them in a race to the bottom…EU, the world’s richest continent both can, and should receive refugees”.

But among young males, the right-wing parties get a total of 61.6% of the support.

“I think many boys are afraid of the word feminism because it is connected to hatred of men, which is not true, and then they move more towards right-wing parties that don’t use that word” a student told SVT.

It is estimated that Communism has killed over 100 million people in 100 years.

Results of the poll.

Men aged 18-29:

Swedish Democrats: 28.6%

Moderates: 26.9%

Left party: 8.8%

Social Democrats: 8.7%

Centre party: 6.7%

Christian Democrats: 6.1%

Liberals: 5.6%

Greens: 3.7%

Others: 4.9%

Women aged 18-29:

Left party: 23.9%

Social Democrats: 18%

Centre party: 16.8%

Moderates: 15.1%

Swedish Democrats: 11.9%

Greens: 4.9%

Liberals: 4.1%

Christian Democrats: 3.1%

Others: 2.1%

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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