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LATEST: Italy Corona virus outbreak

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    • Italy now in almost complete lockdown.
    • Lombardy’s health system on the brink of collapse.
    • Hospitals in Bergamo are full.
    • At least 70 Italian doctors and 69 priests dead8 358 health care workers infected.
    • “They call it the apocalypse” – 15.1% death rate in Lombardy. Read article HERE.
    • Boris Johnson and a number of famous people infected. Read the list HERE.
    • 159 million could die. Read the article HERE.
    • A life in lockdown. Read the article HERE.
    • READ THIS plea for help from Italy.
    • Sweden is under-reporting the real number of cases. Read the article HERE.
    • 12 countries closing borders. Read the article HERE.

    10:48 GMT+1: The end of globalism? 143 countries worldwide have now either full or partial border closures due to the corona virus pandemic. Read the article HERE.

    09:30 GMT+1: The U.S State Department is warning Americans who are abroad to return home as soon as possible if they wish, as transportation options may soon became unavailable.

    20:59 GMT+1: Corona virus is now the world deadliest infectious disease, overtaking tuberculosis. On average 3 231 people die every day from tuberculosis, but corona virus has now overtaken that. 4 890 people died from corona virus yesterday, and 4 184 have died so far today.

    20:11 GMT+1: Now over 1 000 000 infected with corona virus worldwide.

    17:44 GMT+1 50,000 deaths by coronavirus worldwide now.

    17:38 GMT+1 The death rate in Italy is 12.1% now.

    17:35 GMT+1 Italy reports 4,668 new coronavirus cases and 760 new deaths. The total numbers are now 115,242 cases and 13,915 deaths.

    03:28 GMT+1: There has been 26 473 new infections and 1 049 new deaths from corona virus in the USA in the last 24 hours. Total number of infected now stands at 215 003 and 5 102 deaths. The death rate has increased to 2.4%

    03:22 GMT+1: A man was arrested on terrorism charges after attempting to crash a train into the USNS Mercy hospital ship in Los Angeles. The man appears to have believed in conspiracy theories that the ship was involved in a “government takeover”. The ship is in Los Angeles to provide relief during the corona virus pandemic.

    02:12 GMT+1: The U.S Government has ordered 100 000 body bags as they are preparing for the corona virus pandemic. Trump has earlier said they are expecting 100 000 to 200 000 dead with social distancing measures.

    21:39 GMT+1: The state of Florida is going into lockdown.

    21:37 GMT+1: Sweden sees a 33% increase in number of deaths from corona virus in just 1 day. Now 239 people have died and 4 947 infected.

    18:04 GMT+1: BREAKING: Italy reports 4 782 new infections and 727 new deaths in last 24 hours.

    • 110 574 infections.
    • 13 155 dead.
    • 11.9% death rate.

    17:59 GMT+1: Spain reported 7 719 new infections and 864 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

    • 102 136 infections.
    • 9 053 dead.
    • 8.9% death rate.

    17:40 GMT+1: UK reported a new record 4 324 new infections and 544 deaths from corona virus in 24 hours.

    • 29474 infected.
    • 2 352 dead.
    • 8% death rate.

    16:19 GMT+1: Instructions to health personnel in Stockholm with regards to suspected covid19 deaths in homes. They shall not be tested for coronavirus, but the body shall be put in a bag and marked with “infection”.

    15:59 GMT+1: Even in Germany the death rate has now come up to 1.1%.

    13:49 GMT+1: Spain becomes the third country to pass 100,000 cases. After 6,213 new cases and 589 new deaths today, the total number now stands at 102,136 cases and 9,053 deaths.

    13:46 GMT+1: Now 5000 cases and 253 deaths in Sweden.

    09:46 GMT+1: USA megachurch pastor arrested after defying corona virus social distancing order. He claimed to have machines that would killed the virus and that God would supernaturally replenish people’s toilet paper supply.

    Read the story HERE.

    08:37 GMT+1: Yesterday the USA saw a record 865 new deaths from corona virus in a 24 hour period until Tuesday evening, this was an even higher death rate than Italy.

    08:34 GMT+1: Youths in Sweden have been deliberately coughing on pensioners while saying “corona. Read our article on it HERE.

    21:58 GMT+1: France reports 7 578 new infections and 499 deaths. Total number of infected now 52 128 and 3 523 dead. The death rate in France is still at 6.8%

    18:17 GMT+1: Italy reports 4 053 new infections and 837 new deaths from corona virus.

    • 105 792 infected.
    • 12 428 dead.
    • 11.7% death rate.

    18:14 GMT+1: The UK reports 3 009 new infections and 374 new deaths. Total number of infected now at 25 150 and 1 789 dead. This is a death rate of 7.1%

    18:02 GMT+1: CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has tested positive for corona virus.

    14:44 GMT+1: Spain reported 6,461 new cases and 473 new deaths earlier today, taking the total number to 94,417 cases and 8,189 deaths.

    14:42 GMT+1: Coronavirus timeline:

    • 6 March: 100,000 cases
    • 18 March: 200,000 cases
    • 21 March: 300,000 cases
    • 24 March: 400,000 cases
    • 26 March: 500,000 cases
    • 28 March: 600,000 cases
    • 29 March: 700,000 cases
    • 31 March: 800,000 cases

    14:41 GMT+1: 800,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide.

    14:35 GMT+1: Sweden has now 192 deaths and 4,497 cases.

    00:26 GMT+1: The number of intensive care admissions in Sweden has increased dramatically the last day. There are now 416, compared with 343 admissions only 24 hours ago.

    00:13 GMT+1: 5 199 uniformed members of the NYPD on sick reporrt, this is 14.4% of the NYPD’s uniformed workforce. As of now, 824 uniformed members have tested positive for the corona virus.

    00:01 GMT+1: More than 500 healthcare workers in Massachusetts have tested positive for corona virus.

    23:05 GMT+1: Lockdown in Italy will be extended until at least April 12th.

    19:06 GMT+1: 63 doctors have died from corona virus in Italy and 8 358 health care workers have been infected.

    18:13 GMT+1: BREAKING: Italy reports 4 050 new infections and 812 dead.

    • 101 739 infections.
    • 11 591 dead.
    • 11.4% death rate.

    18:08 GMT+1: Italian region of Lombardy reports 1 154 new infections. Total number of infected there are now 42 161 and 6 818 bringing the death rate to 16.2%

    17:59 GMT+1: Sweden sees massive surge in intensive care patients due to corona virus, far above the normal compared with influenza type A and type B. Read the article HERE.

    17:32 GMT+1: Norway is seeing a number of patients needing intensive care ABOVE the worst case estimate. Norway introduced social distancing 18 days ago, yet the number of patients needing intensive care exceed the worst case estimates. Currently, 104 people have gotten intensive care.

    16:44 GMT+1: 61 Italian doctors have died from the corona virus.

    04:35 GMT+1: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura has died from the corona virus.

    03:15 GMT+1: Japan to deny entry of people arriving from the U.S, China, South Korea and most of Europe.

    02:45 GMT+1: Horrific scenes from New York hospitals show dead bodies loaded onto trucks amid corona virus pandemic.

    Read our article and watch the videos HERE.

    02:32 GMT+1: Shocking scenes from New York shows dead bodies being loaded onto a refrigerated truck with a forklift.

    01:39 GMT+1: New York physician reports that they are seeing young patients in their 20s without any comorbidities are needing ventilators and that they don’t have enough ICU beds.

    00:06 GMT+1: A new hospital is being built in Central Park in New York to deal with corona virus patients.

    00:04 GMT+1: Joe Diffie, country singer, has died from the corona virus. Another country singer, John Prine is in critical condition after being infected as well.

    20:56 GMT+1: CBS News journalist Maria Mercader has died at age 54 from corona virus.

    20:55 GMT+1: Swedish radio legend Kerstin Behrendtz has died from corona virus.

    18:22 GMT+1: Spain reported 6 549 new cases and 838 deaths last 24 hours.

    • 78 797 infected.
    • 6 528 dead.
    • 8.3% death rate.

    18:19 GMT+1: The death rate in Lombardy has now increased to 15.5%

    18:10 GMT+1: BREAKING Italy reports 5 217 new infections and 756 new deaths.

    • 97 689 infections.
    • 10 779 dead.
    • 11% death rate.

    15:27 GMT+1: Former major of Berlin, von Klaus Wowereit’s partner has died.

    15:25 GMT+1: Former French minister Patrick Devedjian has died of coronavirus.

    15:22 GMT+1: UK reports 2,433 cases and 210 deaths today, taking the total number to 19,522 cases and 1235 deaths.

    09:03 GMT+1: A pastor from the USA who claimed the corona virus was “mass hysteria” has died after being infected with the virus.

    Read our article on this story HERE.

    05:27 GMT+1: New York Knicks owner James Dolan infected with corona virus.

    00:09 GMT+1: A baby infected with corona virus has died in Illinois in the USA.

    23:55 GMT+1: France reports 4 611 new cases and 319 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

    • 37 575 infected.
    • 2 314 dead.
    • 6.2% death rate.

    18:55 GMT+1: Norway has tested about 1.4% of it’s population, compared with only 0.24% in Sweden. Despite this Sweden and Norway have roughly the same number of confirmed infections, meaning Sweden likely has many cases that go unreported.

    18:19 GMT+1: 15.1% death rate in the region of Lombardy.

    18:15 GMT+1: BREAKING Italy reports 5 974 new infections and 889 deaths last 24 hours.

    • 92 472 infected.
    • 10 023 dead.
    • 10.8% death rate.

    17:55 GMT+1: The number of cases in New York State continues to increase, as it becomes the world’s epicentre of the corona virus outbreak.

    • 52 318 infected.
    • 728 dead.

    17:46 GMT+1: Spanish Princess Maria Theresa de Bourbon Parma has died from corona virus.

    17:43 GMT+1: Over 20 000 people have died from corona virus in Europe.

    17:20 GMT+1: UK reports 2 510 new infections and 260 deaths. Total cases now at 17 089 and 1 019 dead. The death rate increased to 6%, up from 5% yesterday.

    17:12 GMT+1: Over 1 000 dead in the UK from corona virus.

    17:09 GMT+1: Spain has reported a large increase in infections today. 8 189 new infections and 832 have died in the last 24 hours.

    Total number of infected.

    • 72 248 infected.
    • 5 690 dead.
    • 7.9% death rate.

    17:07 GMT+1: The region of Nyland in Finland is in lockdown. This includes the capital Helsinki. Soldiers have been deployed to man checkpoints leading into the region.

    02:35 GMT+1: 51 doctors in Italy have died from corona virus.

    23:20 GMT+1: Hospitals in Paris are now reaching breaking point, warnings that they could be full within 48 hours.

    22:18 GMT+1: 8 European countries will be in lockdown.

    • UK.
    • Ireland.
    • Belgium.
    • France.
    • Greece.
    • Italy.
    • Spain.
    • Czech Republic.

    That is 278 million people on lockdown, or 37.5% of the European population.

    22:13 GMT+1: Ireland lockdown. People will only be allowed to leave their house for the following reasions.

    • Those who work with an essential service.
    • To buy food or medicine.
    • To carry out vital services like caring.
    • Brief individual excercise within 2 km of your house.
    • Farming purposes.

    22:01 GMT+1: BREAKING: Ireland to go into nationwide lockdown from midnight.

    21:57 GMT+1: U.S Congressman Mike Kelly becomes the 4th member of congress to test positive for corona virus.

    21:23 GMT+1: Now 32 964 infections and 1 995 dead in France. This brings the death rate to 6.1%, up from 5.8% yesterday.

    21:20 GMT+1: 2 885 new infected and 185 new deaths in the UK from corona virus. Total number of infected are 14 579 and 769 have died. This is a death rate at 5.3%

    21:15 GMT+1: 44 doctors have died from corona virus in Italy.

    21:13 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now over 100 000 infections in the USA:

    19:23 GMT+1: Former Joe Biden advisor Larry Rasky has posthumously tested positive for corona virus after dying several days ago.

    19:00 GMT+1: U.S Congressman Joe Cunningham has tested positive for corona virus.

    18:54 GMT+1: Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson are all currently in quarantine. Boris Johnson is the only one that has tested positive for corona virus.

    18:48 GMT+1: Between 5-10% of people aged 45-54 need intensive care in the USA from corona virus according to surgeon Atul Gawande.

    17:46 GMT+1: 10,6% death rate in Italy.

    17:44 GMT+1: The total numbers in Italy are now 86,498 cases and 9,134 deaths.

    17:44 GMT+1: Italy reports 5 909 new corona virus cases and 919 new deaths.

    15:25 GMT+1: Spain sees a massive increase in number of infected, 7 871 new cases and 769 dead today. Total number of infected at 64 059 and 4 858 dead. That brings it to a death rate of 7.6%

    15:21 GMT+1: 9 444 health care workers in Spain infected with corona virus.

    14:44 GMT+1: UK health secretary Matt Hancock also infected.

    12:58 GMT+1: BREAKING: Prime minister Boris Johnson infected by the coronavirus.

    03:24 GMT+1: The USA is now the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak, with 16 980 new cases in the last 24 hours.

    20:11 GMT+1: In the uppdate from Italy, the Italian authorities had overlooked 50 deaths in Piedmonte. Meaning that the number of deaths today is 712. The total number of dead are 8 215 people.

    18:28 GMT+1: The number of recovered has passed 10,000 in Italy now.

    18:19 GMT+1: The death rate remains at 10,1%.

    18:18 GMT+1: Breaking: 6153 new cases and 662 new deaths in Italy, taking the total numbers to 80,539 cases and 8165 deaths.

    18:43 GMT+1: Britain’s deputy head of mission at the embassy in Budapest, Steven Dick has died from corona virus in Hugary,

    18:12 GMT+1: BREAKING Italy reports 5 210 new infections and 683 new dead.

    Total number of cases.

    • 74 386 infected.
    • 7 503 dead.
    • 10.1% death rate.

    16:36 GMT+1: The average age of those at intensive care in Norway is 60 years old reports Norwegian health authorities. To date 74 people have been in intensive care, and 3 034 have been infected, meaning 2.4% have needed intensive care.

    16:30 GMT+1: Singer Jackson Browne has corona virus.

    16:27 GMT+1: Spain is converting a shopping mall into a morgue, because they are running out of storage for all the dead from corona virus.

    16:23 GMT+1: Spain has reported 5 552 new infections and 443 new deaths. Total number of infected now at 47 610 and 3 434 dead, bringing the death rate to 7.2%

    16:21 GMT+1: British Prince Charles infected with corona virus.

    18:22 GMT+1: 3 396 people in intensive care in Italy.

    18:20 GMT+1: Death rate in Lombardy is now up to staggering 13.6 %

    18:16 GMT+1: Total deaths in Italy now 6 820.

    18:12 GMT+1: 5 249 new cases today.

    18:10 GMT+1: Italy 743 new dead today.

    17:32 GMT+1: The Irish state will take control of private hospitals for the duration of the emergency.

    17:15 GMT+1: Greta Thunberg has posted on her Instagram that she suspects she has been infected with corona virus, however she hasn’t been able to get tested as Sweden is only testing those who are sick.

    16:45 GMT+1: Over 5,400 health workers infected in Spain.

    16:11 GMT+1: India going into lockdown to prevent the spread of corona virus. That is a population of 1.3 billion going into lockdown, biggest yet.

    16:06 GMT+1: Now 39 673 infected and 2 696 dead in Spain. The death rate has increased from 6.6% yesterday to 6.8% today.

    16:04 GMT+1: 44 people in Norway are now in ventilators. 2 753 are infected, meaning 1.6% of those infected are in a ventilator in Norway.

    16:02 GMT+1: Norwegian unemployment numbers are the worst since WW2. 10.% of the work force is now unemployed.

    11:04 GMT+1: Nobel prize winner and former Finish president Martti Ahtisaari  – 82 – infected.

    10:45 GMT+1: 2 more doctors dead – taking the total to 15 doctors dead.

    10:35 GMT+1: Iceland – Now 588 cases and 2 dead.

    10:29 GMT+1: Now 860 dead in France. Death rate 4.3%

    06:25 GMT+1: Now 46 145 infected in the USA and 582 dead, bringing the death rate to 1.3%

    22:56 GMT+1: Death toll from corona virus in a single day in the USA exceeds 100 for the first time.

    22:39 GMT+1: European countries that are in, or are going into lockdown.

    • Italy.
    • Spain.
    • France.
    • Greece.
    • Belgium.
    • Czech Republic.
    • UK.

    273 million people in total on lockdown.

    21:54 GMT+1: BREAKING: The UK is going on lock down to stop the spread of corona virus.

    People will only be allowed the following:

    – Shopping for basic needs

    – 1 form of exercise a day, alone or with members of household – Medical needs or to help a vulnerable person

    – Travel to and from work, if absolutely necessary

    20:58 GMT+1: The number of infections in the UK has risen to 6 650 cases and 335 dead, bringing the death rate to 5%.

    20:55 GMT+1: The Olympics has been postponed due to corona virus pandemic. The Olympics has only previously been cancelled in WW1 and WW2.

    20:52 GMT+1: Spanish soldiers who have been deployed to help fight the corona virus outbreak discovered dead bodies at an elderly care home where they had been left alone.

    19:13 GMT+1: New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond infected with corona virus.

    18:25 GMT+1: The region of Lombardy sees a big decrease in number of new infections, however the death rate is increasing and is now at 13.1%

    18:19 GMT+1: BREAKING: 4 789 new infections and 601 deaths reported in Italy today.

    • 63 927 infections.
    • 6 077 deaths.
    • 9.5% death rate.

    17:47GMT+1: Angela Merkel tests negative for corona virus, but further tests will be done.

    10:53 GMT+1: Denmark reports from the Faeroe Islands where there is a very small population and the second highest number of cases per million inhabitants, giving them a unique possibility to track the coronavirus.

    They state that they know how everyone has been infected and have noted a pattern that indicates 2 different versions of the virus.

    One that came first to the Islands and doesn’t seem to be that severe, and doesn’t infect other people as easily.

    The other that is more severe and infects much more easily.

    The second one is believed to be behind 70% of the cases in the world.

    00:23 GMT+1: McDonald’s is closing all it’s stores in the UK and Ireland to prevent spread of the corona virus.

    00:06 GMT+1: Famous Gospel singer Sandi Patty infected with the virus.

    23:04 GMT+1: BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein infected with corona virus. Read list of famous people infected HERE.

    21:39 GMT+1: The number of cases in the USA has been corrected down to 32 356. It was previously reported to be as much as over 38 000, but that appears to have been incorrect.

    20:17 GMT+1: Now 16 018 cases in France and 674 dead, bringing the death rate to 4.2%, up from 3.9% yesterday.

    20:11 GMT+1: Angela Merkel is in quarantine after being in contact with an infected doctor.

    19:56 GMT+1: Senator Rand Paul infected with corona virus.

    19:55 GMT+1: Massive jump in infections in the USA, now at 32 356 and 414 dead.

    18:39 GMT+1: Italian region of Lombardy sees another large increase in the death rate. 27 206 infected and 3 456 dead bringing the death rate to 12.7%. This is up from 12% yesterday.

    18:23 GMT+1: UK reports 635 new infections and 48 new deaths. Total infections are now 5 683 and 281 dead. The death rate is now at 4.9%

    18:13 GMT+1: BREAKING: 5 560 new infections and 651 new dead.

    • 59 138 infections.
    • 5 476 dead.
    • 9.3% death rate

    18:05 GMT+1: Germany is banning gatherings of more than 2 people. Restaurants, hair saloons and other businesses where people gather will be closed.

    17:09 GMT+1: Greece will be going into lockdown due to corona virus.

    16:56 GMT+1: Italy: From today it is forbidden for all natural persons to move by public or private means of transport to a municipality other than that in which they are located, except for proven work needs, of absolute urgency or for health reasons

    16:52 GMT+1: The death rate in Spain has now increased to 6.1%

    15:13 GMT+1: Piacenza hospital, Italy now tries to find and treat infected very early and not wait until the onset of respiratory failure, which normally take place 8-10 days after infection.
    This on the assumption that anti-viral therapy works better on coronavirus the sooner it is started

    15:02 GMT+1: The first french doctor has now died.

    14:55 GMT+1: Governor Fontanta of Lombardy, Italy, warns that they are exhausted and that the infections must be stopped.

    14:49 GMT+1: These not respecting the rules in Lombardy and Piedmont face a fine of upto €5,000.

    14:41 GMT+1: Netherlands report further 43 deaths – taking the total to 179 and see the death rate increase to 4.3%

    14:22 GMT+1: Boris Johnson warns that UK will find itself in the same position as Italy in 2-3 weeks time, unless they are bale to slow down the infections.

    14:22 GMT+1: New York will go into lockdown at 8 pm local time.

    13:13 GMT+1: 344 new deaths in Spain – taking the total number of deaths to 1,725 out of 28,572 cases. Death rate is now 6.0%

    11:48 GMT+1: Mayor of Bergamo – Entire generations have been wiped out in our province.

    10:15 GMT+1: Bergamo – Not enough resources to test all that die, so that people die, whitout having been tested – meaning that the real number of deaths are higher.

    10:13 GMT+1: Lombardy and Piedmont close almost everything.

    10:09 GMT+1: Spain – the healthcare system is about to collapse.

    10:07 GMT+1: The supply chain of agri-food products in EU is now at risk.

    07:04 GMT+1: “They call it the apocalypse” – Hospitals overwhelmed as death rate in Lombardy hits 12% from corona virus.

    Army convoy had to transport the dead out of the city of Bergamo as they couldn’t manage to cremate everyone.

    Read our latest article HERE.

    02:20 GMT+1: The Netherlands are stopping all flight from Spain.

    01:18 GMT+1: Italy is enforcing even tougher lockdown measures than before. All businesses that are not of critical importance to society will now be forced to shut down.

    “This is the toughest crisis that Italy has faced since WW2. Only production that is critical for the nation or indispensable to ensure that important products and services will be allowed” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

    01:12 GMT+1: 25 896 cases and 316 dead in the USA. The last day there has been 6 513 new cases and 60 new deaths.

    22:41 GMT+1: Hungary currently has 103 infections and 4 dead, bringing the death rate to 3.9%.

    22:34 GMT+1: Super car manufacturer McLaren is working to start manufacturing ventilators to be used to fight the corona virus.

    “The designs of a preferred solution are due to be released imminently and when they are, the consortium stands ready to begin production on these immediately” McLaren said in a statement to Sky News.

    22:05 GMT+1: Norwegian capital of Oslo is banning all alcohol servings. Restaurants can still remain open as long as they follow the rule that customers must keep a distance of 1 metre from each other.

    22:03 GMT+1: The former President of Spanish football club Real Madrid has died from the corona virus. He became 76 years old.

    Read our list of famous and prominent people that been infected / died from corona virus HERE.

    21:58 GMT+1: People in Lombardy are now facing a fine of up to €5000 if they don’t follow the ban on public gatherings.

    20:52 GMT+1: Now over 300 000 infections worldwide.

    19:43 GMT+1: The UK reports 1 035 new cases the last day. Now 5 018 total cases 233 dead. The death rate is now at 4.6%, up from 4.4%.

    19:35 GMT+1: Statistics from Lombardy, which has one of the best hospitals in the world.

    • 25 515 infected.
    • 3 095 dead.
    • 8 258 in hospital.
    • 1 093 in intensive care.
    • 4 235 discharged from hospital.
    • 12% death rate.

    18:40 GMT+1: In the Netherlands, 50% of those in intensive care are under the age of 50. The death rate is 3.7% in the Netherlands.

    18:37 GMT+1: New report from Sweden shows that about 50% of those in intensive care are under the age of 65.

    18:19 GMT+1: Terrifying death rate in Lombardy region of Italy. The death rate is now at 12%

    18:16 GMT+1: Largest increase yet in corona virus cases in Italy. 6 557 infected and 793 deaths reported today.

    • 53 578 infected.
    • 4 825 dead.
    • 9% death rate.

    13:36 GMT+1: In Norway – not all deaths by Coronavirus will be counted! This is officially stated by FHI, the state agency responsible, according to vg.no, where they state:
    Since 70-100-year-olds are most prone to serious progress, we expect that some will die in nursing homes or at home and not in hospitals. Some will not be recognized as Covid-19 deaths.

    10:19 GMT+1: The top Chinese football player, Wu Lei of Espanyol is infected.

    10:12 GMT+1: First 2 deaths in Singapore.

    10:11 GMT+1: A staff member to Mike Pence has tested positive.

    10:09 GMT+1: Italy has today increased the lockdown by closing parks, and people can only excerise near home.

    20:30 GMT+1: 659 doctors infected over the last 2 days. In total at least 3,359 doctors infected.

    20:25 GMT+1: 1 617 new infections in and 78 new deaths in France today. 12 612 total infections and 450 dead. The death rate has increased from 3.4% to 3.6%

    18:48 GMT+1: 689 people recovered in Italy today, just slightly more than the 627 that died.

    18:47 GMT+1: A 40 day old baby in Italy has been declared healthy after being infected with corona virus.

    18:31 GMT+1: The UK is ordering pubs, restaurants, cafes, leisure centre’s, clubs, theaters and gyms to close.

    18:16 GMT+1: Lombardy has seen a dramatic increase in the death rate today which is now at 11.4%

    18:14 GMT+1: 5 986 new cases and 627 dead from corona virus in Italy today. Total number of infected is 47 021 and 4 032 dead. 8.6% death rate.

    18:03 GMT+1: Almost 2000 new cases of corona virus in New York overnight.

    14:51 GMT+1: 5 new dead in Sweden = 16. Death rate = 1%.

    14:19 GMT+1: The worst affected countires are now:
    San Marino – 4244 cases per million. Faeore Islands (Denmark) 1637 per million. Vatican city – 1248 per million. Iceland 1199 per million.

    14:15 GMT+1: The death rates has gone up in Spain from 4.6% yesterday to 5.0% today.

    14:11 GMT+1: At least 18 priests in Lombardy have died from the corona virus.

    14:09 GMT+1: Over 700 health care workers in Lombardy infected.

    01:38 GMT+1: 13 doctors in the Lombardy region of Italy have died from the corona virus.

    22:32 GMT+1: Now over 13 000 infections in the USA.

    22:22 GMT+1: 1 861 new cases and 108 new deaths in France the last 24 hours. The total number of infected are now 10 995 and 372 dead. This gives a death rate of 3.4%

    22:19 GMT+1: 9% of infections in Italy are health care staff.

    20:06 GMT+1: 3 269 infections in the UK and 144 dead, bringing the death rate to 4.4%

    19:59 GMT+1: Sweden to start rationing paracetamol. People will only be allowed to buy 3 packs at a time.

    19:13 GMT+1: Unusual increase in influenza like admissions to hospitals in NYC amid corona virus outbreak.

    19:03 GMT+1: Matteo Salvini has posted a photo from Bergamo showing a military convoy with people who have died from corona virus being taken for funeral / cremation.

    18:40 GMT+1: Gallera: “We are at a braking point in our ability to give care.”

    18:34 GMT+1: Michel Barnier, EU Brexit negotiator tested positive.

    18:30 GMT+1: Prince Albert of Monaco infected.

    18:29 GMT+1: In spite of the lockdown measures, the number of cases are up with 15% since yesterday, equal 5322, which is by far the biggest increase in one day.

    18:24 GMT+1: Italy has now overtaken China in number of deaths. China’s official number is 3245 whilst Italy’s official number is 3405 now.

    18:21 GMT+1: 8,3% death rate now in Italy.

    18:21 GMT+1: 2498 in intensive care = half of Italy’s intensive care beds.

    18:19 GMT+1: Breaking: Italy reports 5322 new cases and 427 new deaths, raising the total number to 41035 cases and 3405 deaths.

    02:04 GMT+1: A second U.S Congressman has tested positive for corona virus. Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah is the congressman that has tested positive.

    02:02 GMT+1: A Norwegian dentist has recommended people to fix teeth problems themselves with sandpaper and bubble gum amidst corona virus.

    Read the story HERE.

    00:52 GMT+1: U.S Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart tests positive for corona virus. Read our list of famous and prominent people infected HERE.

    20:42 GMT+1: 1 404 new infections and 89 new deaths today in France from corona virus. Total number of infected in France is now 9 134 and 264 dead. The death rate is at 2.9%. This is an increase from 2.3% death rate earlier.

    19:20 GMT +1: The UK is shutting down schools indefinitely due to the corona virus.

    18:45 GMT+1: 2 626 infected in the UK and 106 dead. Death rate at 4%

    18:31 GMT+1: The hardest hit region of Lombardy in Italy is seeing a staggeringly high death rate.

    • 17 713 infected.
    • 1 959 dead.
    • 11% death rate.

    18:19 GMT+1: BREAKING: 4 207 new infections and 475 dead in Italy today.

    • 35 713 infected.
    • 2 978 dead.
    • 8.3% death rate

    18:03 GMT+1: Now 13 910 infections in Spain and 623 dead, bringing the death rate to 4.5%

    15:48 GMT+1: 3 new deaths in Norway, doubling the number to 6. There are over 1500 cases in Norway now.

    12:34 GMT+1: The chairman of the Portuguese unit of Santander – Antonio Vieira Monteiro has died from the coronavirus.

    02:10 GMT+1: Australia is banning its citizens from travelling abroad due to the corona virus outbreak. The Czech Republic in Europe has also banned its citizens from travelling outside the country.

    02:08 GMT+1: US death toll is now at 105, with 6 349 reported infections. This brings the death rate to 1.7%.

    01:37 GMT+1: Blaise Matuidi of Juventus infected by the virus.

    22:05 GMT+1: A source on the ground in Italy has shared this video showing the situation in Italian hospitals.

    22:02 GMT+1: 300 soldiers from the National Guard is being deployed to guard the Norwegian border with Sweden. Since earlier Danish soldiers have been assisting police in guarding the Danish border with Sweden.

    21:58 GMT+1: Sweden is closing its borders due to the corona virus pandemic. Read our article on it HERE.

    21:27 GMT+1 : Europe’s borders are not closed for asylum seekers, allthough it is closed for other travellers.

    18:25 GMT+1 : Emilia Romagna is the number two hardest hit. Death rate is 10.0%.

    18:22 GMT+1 : Lombardy is the hardest hit area with a death rate of 10.1%.

    18: 16 GMT+1 : In Italy there was 3 526 new cases today, and 2060 people are now in intensive care.

    18:16 GMT+1: Todays uppdate from Italy. 31 506 total infected. 2503 deaths. This means the death rate has gone up from 7.7% to 7.9%

    17:42 GMT+1: Finland is closing it’s borders. The border with Sweden will be closed. This means that Sweden is now land locked. Swedish citizens cannot travel to either Denmark, Norway or Finland.

    16:48 GMT+1: New York reports 432 new cases of corona virus and 5 new deaths. Total number of infected are 1 374 and 12 dead, giving New York a death rate of 0.9%

    13:06 GMT+1: Polish minister Michael Wos infected by the Coronavirus. The whole Polish goverment in quarantine.

    12:49 GMT+1: UK has the same amount of cases as yesterday so far, but the deaths has risen to 55. Death rate has gone up from 2.3% to 3.5%.

    12:45 GMT+1: The United States – 93 dead. Death rate gone up to 2.0% from 1.7%.

    12:40 GMT+1: Germany has 7 636 cases and 17 deaths. Death rate 0.2%.

    12:35 GMT+1: Now 11 279 cases in Spain, death rate has gone up to 4.4 % from 3.6%.

    12:23 GMT+1: London’s Imperial College warns that the UK need to adopts a strategy of “epidemic suppression” – for a period of potentially 18 months or more.

    04:20 GMT+1: Prime Minister of Monaco infected with corona virus.

    21:53 GMT+1: San Francisco to be put on lockdown.

    21:51 GMT+1: France reports 6 633 infected and 148 dead, bringing the death rate to 2.2%

    21:47 GMT+1: France to be put on lockdown. People will only be allowed to leave their homes to go to work and buy food, medicine and other essential items.

    21:46 GMT+1: 40% of infected with corona virus in Spain have been admitted to hospital.

    21:43 GMT+1: French President Macron has announced that EU borders will be closing. This means that no-one can travel from a non-European country to the EU.

    “We are in a war” Macron said.

    18: 16 GMT+1: The death rate in Italy is now 7.7%. And 1851 are in intensive care. In the two worst affected areas the death rate stands at 9.7 and 9.8%.

    18:13 GMT+1: In Italy 3233 new cases today – 349 new deaths.

    18:10 GMT+1: Italy now 27 980 cases – 2158 dead.

    18:06 GMT+1: Spain has closed its borders.

    15:07 GMT+1: Patients over 80 could “be left to die” as hospitals become overwhelmed with corona virus infections.

    Read our article on this worrying situation HERE.

    13:49 GMT+1: Austrian airlines temporarily suspending all flights.

    13:37 GMT+1: Norway has tested 18 062 people for corona virus. 1 256 people have tested positive and 3 have died.

    13:27 GMT+1: Hungary closing their borders to all passenger transport and only Hungarian citizens will be allowed to enter. Hungary is the 12th EU / Schengen country to close their borders amid the corona virus pandemic.

    Read our article on the collapse of EU open borders HERE.

    12:06 GMT+1: 3 new dead in Sweden – taking the total to 6 dead.

    10:14 GMT+1: Russia closes border with Belarus. Has already closed to Poland and Norway.

    10:13 GMT+1: Lombardy decided they cannot use the mask provided from Rome as they are not of good enough quality, and manage to get hold of 700,000 masks on their own – However will only be enough for 2 days.

    10:10 GMT+1: British Airways and AerLingus (IAG) will cut its flight capacity by at least 75%.

    10:09 GMT+1: Easyjet warns that they might go out of business.

    10:08 GMT+1: Germany began border checks this morning with France, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland. 

    10:06 GMT+1: Air France-KLM to reduce its activity from 70% – 90%.

    10:04 GMT+1: Norway is now lacking protection gear.

    09:58 GMT+1: Iceland still have highest infection rate in the world. 522 per million, compared to 409 in Italy.

    09:57 GMT+1: UK – Death is now rate 2.5%.

    09:55 GMT+1: France – Death is now rate 2.3%

    09:54 GMT+1: Spain – Death is now rate 3.7%.

    09:46 GMT+1: UK – Leaked document from NHS states that from now on only test the very seriously ill who are already in hospital and people in care homes and prisons where the coronavirus has been detected. even NHS staff will not be swabbed, despite their key role and the risk of them passing the virus on to patients.

    02:13 GMT+1: Portugal and Spain suspends tourism between the two countries, meaning Portugal is going to have a partial border closure due to corona virus.

    02:08 GMT+1: All bars and restaurants to be closed in the U.S state of Illinois until 30th March.

    01:44 GMT+1: The Netherlands has 1 135 cases and 20 deaths, bringing the death rate to 1.8%.

    01:30 GMT+1: Germany now has 5 813 infections and 13 deaths, bringing the death rate to 0.2%.

    00:50 GMT+1: The President of the French Republican party has tested positive for corona virus.

    00:12 GMT+1: Medicine rationing in Norway. Insulin and paracetamol among other medicines are being rationed after some pharmacies ran out of insulin due to stockpiling.

    Read our article HERE on this story.

    23:30 GMT+1: Norway has announced that psychologists, opticians, chiropractors and and physiotherapy have to keep closed to prevent corona virus outbreak.

    21:45 GMT+1: France reports a large increase in number of corona virus infected which now stands at 5 423 cases, up from 4 449 yesterday.

    Number of reported deaths are now at 127, bringing the death rate to 2.3% in France.

    21:31 GMT+1: Sweden now have 1 032 cases and Norway 1 246, with the new limited testings. The real numbers are estimated to be around 1500 in each country.

    21:30 GMT+1: Borrelli – 9 663 people hospitalized with symptoms in Italy.

    21:27 GMT+1: South Africa closes borders.

    20:29 GMT+1: ” Italy is currently living its most difficult moment since the end of the Second World War.”

    Read this plea for help from Italian professor Francesco Giubilei on Times of Sweden. Click HERE to read the article.

    20:12 GMT+1: Norwegian airline Widerøe has announced they are temporarily laying off 1000 employees, 1/3 of their work force. They are also stopping half of their operations.

    This comes shortly after Scandinavian Airlines announced they were temporarily laying off 10 000 employees and cutting half of their operations.

    20:05 GMT+1: German state of Bavaria will close bars, cinemas and swimming pools on Tuesday.

    19:57 GMT+1: Germany will be closing it’s borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg said the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. Commuters and transport will still be allowed.

    19:33 GMT+1: Current death rates per country from the corona virus.

    • Italy: 7.2%
    • Iran: 4.8%
    • Spain 3.7%
    • UK: 2.5%
    • France: 2%
    • USA: 2%
    • Netherlands: 1.3%
    • Switzerland: 0.9%
    • Norway: 0.3%
    • Sweden: 0.3%
    • Germany: 0.2%
    • Worldwide: 3.8%

    18:52 GMT+1: Norway has announced all Norwegians travelling home must be quarantined, including those who have been in Sweden and Finland. Yesterday Norway announced foreigners will not be allowed to enter the country unless they live or work there.

    18:39 GMT+1: Now there are 1 373 reported infections in the UK, with 35 reported deaths. This brings the death rate in the UK to 2.5%

    18:34 GMT+1: The region of Lombardy in Italy has a death rate of 9.2% from the corona virus, this despite this region having one of the best hospitals in the entire world. 1 218 people have died in Lombardy.

    That means 1 in 11 people with the virus in this region have died.

    18:30 GMT+1: The number of people in intensive care in Italy is now 1 672.

    18:29 GMT+1: The death rate in Italy is now 7.3%.

    18:27 GMT+1: Italy sees 3 590 new cases and 368 new deaths today alone.

    18:10 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 24 747 cases and 1 809 deaths in Italy.

    17:58 GMT+1: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is temporarily laying off 10 000 employees, which is 90% of their work force. The CEO estimates about half of their operations will be suspended.

    17:01 GTM+1: The Netherlands is closing all schools.

    16:48 GMT+1: There is now more cases outside China than in China. There are now over 81 000 corona infections outside of China.

    16:48 GMT+1: There has been over 100% increase in the number of deaths in Spain the last 24 hours. The death rate stands at 3,7% now. 291 peopled have died from the corona virus, with 7 798 infected.

    15:42 GMT+1: Germany is now reported to be closing their borders with France, Switzerland and Austria starting on Monday according to Spiegel magazine and Bild newspaper.

    15:39 GMT+1: Austrian region of Tyrol is ordering a one week lockdown. People will only be allowed to leave their homes to buy food, medicine, visit the doctor, walk the dog or withdraw cash.

    14:38 GMT+1: Since 13 March Norway only test serious ill patient (and people like healthworkers), so the Norwegian numbers doesn’t any longer reflect the real number of cases in Norway, which highely likely is why the Norwegian numbers doesn’t increase as much any longer. Currently they stand at 1205 infected – 3 dead.

    10:55 GMT+1: 50% of the French are likely to be infected- Minister of education France. The strategy is not to prevent the passage of the virus, but it is to make sure that it passes as diluted as possible in time.

    10:50 GMT+1: Lombardy is now in intensive care emergency and close to a point of no return – Gallera.

    10:46 GMT+1: Italian deputy Minister of Health – Pierpaolo Sileri is infected.

    10:30 GMT+1: Christian Wood of Detroit – NBA is infected.

    02:34 GMT+1: Lithuania and Estonia to close their borders. Read all about European countries closing their borders in our ARTICLE. 10 countries have now closed, or will be closing their borders either partially or fully.

    00:36 GMT+1: Begona Gomez, wife of the Prime Minister of Spain, has been tested positive for coronavirus.

    23:05 GMT+1: Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs statement on the closing of the borders.

    22:10 GMT+1: Norway is threatening to use the national guard if necessary to get people home from their holiday cabins.

    22:06 GMT+1: Israel shutting down cafes, restaurants and movie theaters due to corona virus outbreak.

    22:04 GMT+1: France is shutting down cafes, restaurants and non-essential shops in an attempt to curb the corona virus outbreak.

    20:11 GMT+1: Ferrari stops production due to coronavirus.

    19:18 GMT+1: Latvia closing its borders.

    19:05 GMT+1: In an unprecedented move Norway has closed it’s border with Sweden. As we reported earlier, Norway is closing its borders. Airports, ship ports and the border is being closed.

    18:58 GMT+1: In Lombardy the hospitals in Bergamo and Brecia are so overloaded that they cannot take more patients, but have to send them to other provinces.

    18:40 GMT+1: The United States will ban all flights from the UK and Ireland from midnight on Monday night (Eastern Standard Time).

    18:23 GMT+1: In the two hardest hit areas in Italy, where the hopsitals are under the most pressure, the death rates are much higher than in the rest of Italy, and are for Lombardy 8,3% and Emilia-Romagna 9,1%, whilst Piedmonte has 6,8% and Toscana 1,0%

    They also have a lower percentage of patients in intensive care (due to lack of beds?) – 8,1% and 6,5%, compared to areas like Piedmonte where the percentage is 18,4% and for Toscana 14,1%.

    This might indicate that when the health care systems comes under pressure, the death rate goes up.

    18:19 GMT+1: Italy have now done 109170 tests.

    18:18 GMT+1: Sweden reports 962 cases and 2 deaths, in spite of the under-reporting.

    18:14 GMT+1: Norway now closing the borders, airports and ports.

    18:11 GMT+1: The death rate in Italy is now 6,8%.

    18:11 GMT+1: There were 3497 new cases today in Italy.

    18:08 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 21157 cases of coronavirus in Italy and 1441 deaths.

    17:58 GMT+1: Medicine rationing in Norway.

    Several pharmacies are out of insulin. Insulin and paracetamol is now being rationed in Norway.

    Instead of a regular 3 month supply, people can now only buy 1 month supply of insulin.

    16:03 GMT+1: Alitalia ask passengers to wear a protective mask.

    15:57 GMT+1: UK: 342 new cases = an increase with 43 %. Now 1140 infected. 10 new deaths – an increase with 91 %.

    14:42 GMT+1: Spain goes into lockdown.

    14:37 GMT+1: Italy is very unhappy with the blocking of the border to Slovenia and warns of lasting damage to the relation.

    14:33 GMT+1: Veneto in Italy has the highest number of tests in the world per capita, with 4817 per million inhabitants.

    They have done in total 29 000 tests. 1937 cases, 55 dead which is a mortality rate of 2,8%. There are 119 in intensive care, which is 6,1%

    13:34 GMT+1: Apple closes all stores worldwide outside China.

    13:29 GMT+1: Italian deputy minister of education – Anna Ascani – the democratic party- infected.

    11:04 GMT+1: Norway passes 1000 cases – 3rd most infected country in the world after Iceland per capita and Italy. – Now 1002 cases.

    10:44 GMT+1: Russia closes border to Poland and Norway.

    10:36 GMT+1: German Pezzella and Patrick Cutrone of Fiorentia, infected.

    10:35 GMT+1: Now 2 dead in Sweden.

    22:35 GMT+1: Sweden has reported 127 new cases – taking the official total to 814. Please note that the real numbers will be higher, as Sweden has decided to under-report.

    22:31 GMT+1: 201 new cases in Norway today, taking the total to 995.

    21:21 GMT+1: The number of cases in Ireland has today increased with 29% to 90.

    20:53 GMT+1: Cyprus now closing its borders.

    20:44 GMT+1: President Trump has announced national emergency over coronavirus.

    19:58 GMT+1: Poland closes all borders.

    19:55 GMT+1: Denmark closes all borders tomorrow at 12:00 Will use the army.

    19:50 GMT+1: Dusan Vlahovic of Fiorentina has tested positive.

    18:18 GMT+1: The mayor of Miami, Francis X Suarez, is now infected after having met Brasilian President Jair Bolsanaro.

    18:16 GMT+1: The death rate in Italy stands now at 7,2%

    18:15 GMT+1: 1328 people in intensive care.

    18:12 GMT+1: BREAKING: 2547 new cases in Italy, taking the total to 17660.

    18:09 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 1266 deaths in Italy. That’s 250 new today.

    18:04 GMT+1: Welfare councilor in Lombardy Gallera has called for factories and public transport to be shut down to try to stop the virus.

    17:19 GMT+1: Giro d’Italia has been postponed due to coronavirus.

    17:16 GMT+1: Over 4000 cases in Spain now and 120 deaths.

    16:34 GMT+1: Spain now to declare state of emergency.

    15:55 GMT+1: BREAKING: The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsanaro, has been tested positive for corona virus.

    13:49 GMT+1: Czech Republic closes borders – prohibits entry and exit so foreigners cannot enter and czech citizens cannot leave.

    12:49 GMT+1: Austria closes 47 minor passes to Italy. The Brenner pass, Resia pass, Prato alla Drava and Tarvisio remains open with border controlls.

    10:51 GMT+1: Lamborghini closes Bologna factory.

    10:49 GMT+1: Slovenia now blocking trucks from Italy.

    12 Mar, 22:49 GMT+1: Sweden has had 187 new cases today taking the total to 687 – an increase with 37,4%.

    12 Mar, 22:47 GMT+1: Norway has had 163 new cases today taking the total to 792 – an increase with 26%.

    12 Mar, 22:46 GMT+1: Philip Jansen CEO of British Telecom has tested positive.

    12 Mar, 22:43 GMT+1: Milan Linate airport closes.

    12 Mar, 21:31 GMT+1: Panic buying in Ireland today. One of our readers has sent us some photos from the empty supermarkets today. See all the pictures here.

    12 Mar, 18:57 GMT+1: In Friuli there were 2 deaths and 79 new cases.

    12 Mar, 18:56 GMT+1: The numbers are growing in Lazio – Now 196.

    12 Mar, 18:55 GMT+1: There are now 1146 cases in Milan. (+220)

    12 Mar, 18:51 GMT+1: There is a growing number of hospitals in extreme difficulty in Lombardy – Councilor for Welfare in Lombardy Giulio Gallera.

    12 Mar, 18:25 GMT+1: The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is in self-quarantine now after his wife showing symptons.

    12 Mar, 18:19 GMT+1: 1258 recovered and 1153 in intensive care.

    12 Mar, 18:16 GMT+1: 1016 deaths in Italy now, 189 new today . This is a death rate of 6,7%.

    12 Mar, 18:13 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 15113 cases in Italy – an increase with 2651 cases – 21,3%

    12 Mar, 16:32 GMT+1: Manolo Gabbiadini – Sampdoria – has tested positive for Coronavirus. Sampdoria in quarantine.

    12 Mar, 16:03 GMT+1: Italy has introduced border controls to Austria, in order to force Austria to easy the border controls from Italy to Austria.

    12 Mar, 15:31 GMT+1: 134 new cases in the UK today, raising the total to 590. This is an increase of 29,3%. 10 dead so far.

    12 Mar, 14:42 GMT+1: Norway in lockdown after having one of the highest infection rates in the world. All schools closed. Restaurant closed unless they can guarantee a distance of 1 m between guests. All sport closed. Hairdressers, gyms and similar closed. Health personal banned from leaving the country. Everyone arriving in Norway (except from the Nordic countries) have to go into quarantine.

    12 Mar, 14:18 GMT+1: Slovakia closes the border and close its international airports. Only those with residency in Slovakia will be allowed in through the border.

    12 Mar, 14:13 GMT+1: An officer serving in the Ministry of Defense in Rome has died of the coronavirus. 

    12 Mar, 13:16 GMT+1: Austria are not only blocking people but also the movement of goods through the Brenner pass, making Confindustria in Italy very unhappy and asking for urgent measures against Austria.

    12 Mar, 13:13 GMT+1: Outside Italy, the schools are closing in many countries like Denmark, Poland, Norway, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ireland. Spanish minister of equality is infected.

    12 Mar, 11:53 GMT+1: A number of airports in Italy close down parts of their operations.

    12 Mar, 11:51 GMT+1: The mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, want stronger measures from the government.

    12 Mar, 11:50 GMT+1: 8 police officers infected in Palermo.

    12 Mar, 10:24 GMT+1: 50km long queue at Brenner pass to Austria.

    12 Mar, 10:22 GMT+1: Salvini says that the measures taken by the Italian government so far is not enough. Gallera also criticises it, saying that the measures are not strong enough.

    12 Mar, 10:20 GMT+1: President Trump has now announced that the US will suspend all flights to the 26 European countries in the schengen area. This will not affect the UK and Ireland.

    12 Mar, 10:16 GMT+1: Czech Republic now closes the border to Austria and Germany.

    11 Mar, 23:15 GMT+1: Daniele Rugani of Juventus now infected with the coronavirus. All players in Juventus and Inter Milan (last opponent) will be placed in quarantine.

    11 Mar, 23:02 GMT+1: Norway has now 629 cases. Today there has been an increase with 227 new cases – an increase with 56 % making Norway the third hardest hit country in Europe after Iceland and Italy in relation to population.

    11 Mar, 23:01 GMT+1: Italy increases the lockdown, by closing all shops except for basic necessities and food, and closing almost all restaurants and hotels.

    11 Mar, 18:33 GMT+1: 568 cases in Norway now.

    11 Mar, 18:32 GMT+1: 1% of the people in intensive care in Lombardy are 18-24 years old, 9% are 25-49, 32% 50-64, 38% 65-74 and 20% over 75 years old.

    11 Mar, 18:27 GMT+1: Commisioner Angelo Borrelli now recommends people to wear masks at work if it’s difficult to keep distance.

    11 Mar, 18:24 GMT+1: Now 1028 patients in intensive care, which is an increase with 151, or 17.2%.

    11 Mar, 18:22 GMT+1: The mortality rate in Italy stands at 6,6% now.

    11 Mar, 18:21 GMT+1: The number of recovered increased with only 41 to 1045, which is an increase with only 4%.

    11 Mar, 18:20 GMT+1: The number of deaths has increased with 196, which is also the biggest so far. This is an increase with 31% in just one day!

    11 Mar, 18:18 GMT+1: The number of cases has increased with 2313 which is by far the biggest increase, and is an increase with 23% from yesterday.

    11 Mar, 18:15 GMT+1: BREAKING: 12462 cases and 827 deaths in Italy.

    11 Mar, 18:06 GMT+1: 83 new cases in the UK, taking the total to 456.

    11 Mar, 18:05 GMT+1: 87 new cases in Norway, taking the total number to 489.

    11 Mar, 18:03 GMT+1: First death by coronavirus in Ireland.

    11 Mar, 18:02 GMT+1: So far 137 new cases in Sweden, taking the total to 490. Also the first person has died in Sweden.

    11 Mar, 13:25 GMT+1: Do not leave Italy alone. Read the plea for help from Francesco Giubilei here.

    13:15 GMT+1: Sweden has now 406 cases.

    11 Mar, 13:13 GMT+1: Austria and Slovenia has now closed its borders to Italy. Spain, Malta, Albania and Denmark has in reality done the same by cancelling all air and naval connections.

    11 Mar, 13:10 GMT+1: The president of Varese medical association, doctor Roberto Stella (67), has died by the coronavirus.

    11 Mar, 13:08 GMT+1: Milan closes 380 out of 400 hotels, reducing the number of rooms from 5000 to a maximum of 1000. Will have a loss of over 5 million euro a day.

    11 Mar, 13:07 GMT+1: Poland now closes all schools and universities.

    11 Mar, 13:05 GMT+1: 434 cases of coronavirus in Norway now.

    10 Mar, 23:58 GMT+1: BREAKING: The British health minister Nadine Dorris has tested positive for coronavirus.

    10 Mar, 22:34 GMT+1: The number of infected in Norway have exploded today in Norway with 65% increase. There are now 374 cases in Norway compared to 227 yesterday evening.

    10 Mar, 20:23 GMT+1: Salvini and the govenors in Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli pushes for much tougher measures to contain the spread and want to stop all work activities except for food and pharmacies.

    10 Mar, 20:19 GMT+1: AirFrance and AirCanada suspends all flights to Italy.

    10 Mar, 19:36 GMT+1: 10 new cases of coronavirus in Ireland. The total number of cases in the republic is now 34. There are also 16 cases in Northern Ireland, which takes the islands total to 50.

    10 Mar, 18:18 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 10149 cases and 631 deaths in Italy.

    10 Mar, 17:49 GMT+1: British Airways, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizzair, Jet2, SAS and Norwegian stops all flights to Italy.

    10 Mar, 17:46 GMT+1: Austria now closes the borders to Italy. Austrians in Italy are allowed to return but are subject to a 14 day quarantine.

    10 Mar, 17:44 GMT+1: 347 cases in Sweden now.

    10 Mar, 14:27 GMT+1: Now 325 cases of coronavirus in Sweden.

    10 Mar, 13:46 GMT+1: The governor of Lombardy, Fontana, now asks to close EVERYTHING (except for essentials). He says that the measures we have seen the last weeks is just half of what needed, and “that it does not serve to contain this emergency.”

    10 Mar, 13:31 GMT+1: There has been 86 new cases in Veneto, taking the total number in the region to 856.

    10 Mar, 13:29 GMT+1: There has also been 5 new deaths in Veneto and 1 in Marche since yesterday, taking the total number of deaths to 473.

    10 Mar, 13:26 GMT+1: 4 new deaths in Piedmont during the night and early morning, taking the total number of deaths to at least 467 in Italy.

    9 Mar, 22:50 GMT+1: There are now 583 health workers infected in Italy.

    9 Mar, 22:48 GMT+1: Of the cases in Italy, 1,4% are under 19, 22% 19-50, 37,4% 51-70 and 39,2 over 70.

    9 Mar, 21:12 GMT+1: BREAKING: Whole of Italy put on lockdown now. This means that all public gatherings, sporting events etc are cancelled, and all movement are strictly restricted. Basically, all movement except for going to work, buying food and emergencies are banned.

    9 Mar, 20:28 GMT+1: The Minister of Culture in France has now been tested positive for coronavirus.

    19:09 GMT+1: The region Friuli now asks to be included in the red zone after a 63% increase in the number of cases since yesterday. The total number are now 97.

    9 Mar, 18:48 GMT+1: LATEST: 733 people in intensive care now, which is an 11% increase since yesterday. The intensive care rate stands at 9,2% now.

    9 Mar, 18:44 GMT+1: All ski resorts in Italy now closes.

    9 Mar, 18:41 GMT+1: 1797 new cases today which equals a 24,4% increase. There has been 97 new deaths today.

    9 Mar, 18:38 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 9172 cases. 463 dead and 724 recovered.

    9 Mar, 18:20 GMT+1: Massive increase in the cases in Lombardy. In Lombardy alone there are now 6448, which is almost 1500 more than yesterday.

    9 Mar, 18:13 GMT+1: 202 cases in Norway now. Average age is 44.

    9 Mar, 18:12 GMT+1: Number of intensive care patients increased with 12,7% since yesterday.

    9 Mar, 18:10 GMT+1: 333 dead in Lombardy alone.

    9 Mar, 18:08 GMT+1: South Tyrol now closes all ski resorts.

    9 Mar, 17:10 GMT+1: First 2 deaths in Germany. 4th death in UK

    9 Mar, 15:47 GMT+1: 46 new cases in UK – 319 in total.

    9 Mar, 14:47 GMT+1: Salvini – Extend the red zone to all of Italy to protect the health of the citizens.

    9 Mar, 14:34 GMT+1: Another MP in France infected – taking the total to 5 infected MPs.

    9 Mar, 14:12 GMT+1: The number of cases in Belluno (the part of Veneto where Cortina is) has doubled over the last 24 hours.

    9 Mar, 14:09 GMT+1: Another 58 cases and 1 death reported in Veneto so far today – taking the total number of cases to 7439 and 368 dead.

    9 Mar, 11:49 GMT+1: Welfare councilor for Lombardy Giulio Gallera has said that if they cannot stop the infection rate, they will not be able to cure people. The intensive care places occupied by Coronavirus patients on February 28 were 57, now they are 399 – which is 700% more, and what will happen in the next ten days?

    “The alternative is for people to understand and limit themselves” Gallera says “or perhaps more drastic measures will be needed, or we will have to take note that we can no longer cure people.” he continued.

    8 Mar, 23:59 GMT+1: Some more information on the politicians infected in France. Jan-Luc Reitzer is from the Republican party and is currently in intensive care.

    Elisabeth Toutut-Picard, who is from Macron’s party is also infected.

    2 more members of parliament are infected as well as 2 parliament employees.

    8 Mar, 23:22 GMT+1: 4 politicians in the French parliament infected with corona virus.

    8 Mar, 22:39 GMT+1: Further 16 cases and 1 death in Veneto, taking the number to 7381 cases and 367 deaths.

    8 Mar, 18:36 GMT+1: The number of intensive care unit patients are now 650, which is 10,2% of all infected.

    8 Mar, 18:33 GMT+1: Italy has had to transfer intensive care patients from Lombardy to other regions, says Borrelli.

    8 Mar, 18:30 GMT+1: The death rate in Italy is 5%

    8 Mar, 18:24 GMT+1: BREAKING: 7375 cases of coronavirus in Italy now. This is an increase with 1492 from yesterday, which is an 25.4% increase.

    8 Mar, 18:22 GMT+1: BREAKING: Now 366 dead in Italy, which is 133 more than yesterday.

    8 Mar, 18:17 GMT+1: LATEST: Now 4996 cases and 257 dead in Lombardy alone, says Welfare councilor Gallera.

    8 Mar, 18:17 GMT+1: 140 people under 65 are in intensive care in Lombardy, says Gallera.

    8 Mar, 18:08 GMT+1: “Stay at home the only weapon against viruses” says the Welfare councilor for Lombardy Gallera.

    8 Mar, 13:39 GMT+1: The health care system in Lombardy is now on the brink of collapse.

    “We are now forced to set up intensive care treatments in corridors, operating theatres, in recovery roms. We have emptied entire hospital sections to make space for seriously sick people” says Antonio Pesenti, the head of the crisis unit of the Lombardy Region.

    “One of the best health systmes in the world, in Lombardy, is one step away from collapse” he continues.

    8 Mar, 13:28 GMT+1: One forth of Italy’s population in lockdown now.

    8 Mar, 13:18 GMT+1: All of Lombardy, and parts of Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Marche and Veneto is now in lockdown due to coronavirus.

    8 Mar, 13:05 GMT+1: The governor of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, has now been tested positive for coronavirus.

    8 Mar, 10:41 GMT+1: Sources tells us that Aer Lingus cancel all flights to Northern Italy until 16 May.

    7 Mar, 22:41 GMT+1: 949 cases in France now.

    7 Mar, 18:30 GMT+1: New York declares state of emergency due to coronavirus. 76 infected.

    7 Mar, 18:28 GMT+1: 1 247 new cases of corona virus in Italy today.

    Total number of cases is now at 5 883 with 233 dead.

    7 Mar, 17:36 GMT +1: First Italian doctor dead.

    7 Mar, 14:55 GMT +1: The leader of the ruling Democratic party (and also president of Lazio), Nicola Zingaretti has now tested positive.

    7 Mar, 14:24 GMT+1: 716 cases in France now and 11 dead.

    7 Mar, 01:06 GMT+1: Iceland declares a state of emergency due to corona virus outbreak. 43 people are now infected.

    6 Mar, 23:12 GMT +1: Austria has now decided to introduce border checks.

    6 Mar, 22:20 GMT +1: Austria ban flights from Milan and Bologna. Also considering to introduce border checks.

    6 Mar, 22:07 GMT +1: Lufthansa to cut the numbers of flights with 50%.

    6 Mar, 18:15 GMT +1: 778 new cases in Italy taking the totalt to 4636. 49 dead taking the total to 197.

    6 Mar, 18:14 GMT +1: Now 136 cases in Sweden.

    6 Mar, 18:13 GMT +1: Now 113 cases in Norway.

    6 Mar, 17:49 GMT +1: Ski, World Cup finals in Cortina canceled.

    6 Mar, 10:16 GMT +1: Catania airport has closed one of the terminals due to the drop in traffic.

    5 Mar, 22:54 GMT+1: First death in Rome today.

    5 Mar, 22:53 GMT+1: First death in UK today. There are now 116 cases in the UK.

    Ireland has more than doubled in cases today. After 7 new cases today, there are a total of 13 on the island. 4 of the new are in the East, 2 in the West and 1 in the South. One is in intensive care.

    5 Mar, 22:50 GMT+1: France has now 423 cases and 7 deaths – a huge surge from yesterday.

    5 Mar, 22:50 GMT+1: Aosta Valley has now got 3 new cases of coronavirus, taking the total to 5.

    5 Mar, 16:44 GMT+1: Breaking: 377 cases of coronavirus in France now and 6 dead. There has been 92 new cases today and 2 new deaths.

    5 Mar, 13:34 GMT+1: 34 cases in Iceland now.

    5 Mar, 13:32 GMT+1: 27 new cases in Belgium today, 50 in total now.

    5 Mar, 13:30 GMT+1: 72 cases in Norway now after 5 new infections in Bergen.

    5 Mar, 13:25 GMT+1: 21% of the infected in France are under 18.

    5 Mar, 11:46 GMT+1: First airline in trouble. FlyBe has gone into administration.

    5 Mar, 11:28 GMT+1: Now 60 cases in Sweden.

    5 Mar, 11:22 GMT+1: The school where the Swedish princess goes, now closed after one at the school has been infected .

    5 Mar, 11:21 GMT+1: The numbers of infected in Lombardy “is constantly growing” according to the councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera.

    5 Mar, 11:20 GMT+1: First 2 cases in Aosta Valley in Italy, meaning that all provinces now are affected.

    5 Mar, 11:19 GMT+1: 89 new cases in Germany. Now 349.

    5 Mar, 11:18 GMT+1: Now 65 cases in Norway.

    5 Mar, 11:01 GMT+1: Now 63 cases in Norway.

    5 Mar, 10:44 GMT+1: Now 80 cases in Switzerland and 1 death.

    4 Mar, 23:40 GMT+1: 52 cases of coronavirus in Sweden now.

    4 Mar, 20:25 GMT+1: 73 new cases in France, taking the total to 285.

    4 Mar, 20:17 GMT+1: 218 health care workers in Lombardy infected. (12 % of total infections.)

    4 Mar, 19:39 GMT+1: 2 new cases in Northern Ireland. This takes it to a total of 5 cases on the island of Ireland, 3 in Northern Ireland and 2 in Republic of Ireland.

    4 Mar, 18:12 GMT+1: Now 3089 cases in Italy – 107 dead – 295 in intensive care.

    4 Mar, 18:01 GMT+1: The number of cases in Norway has exploded today – now 56 cases.

    4 Mar, 14:25 GMT+1: Italy close all schools and universities.

    4 Mar, 14:24 GMT+1: Iceland now with more cases per inhabitant than Italy.

    Iceland now has 16 cases with a population of only 364,000  = 44 cases per million.

    Italy has 2502 cases with a population of 60,480,000  = 41 cases per million.

    Norway has 42 cases with a population of 5,360,000  = 9 cases per million.

    4 Mar, 14:21 GMT+1: 8 new cases in Norway taking it to 48.

    4 Mar, 13:58 GMT+1: 1 new case in Norway taking it to 41.

    4 Mar, 13:56 GMT+1: 5 new cases in Sweden taking it to 35.

    4 Mar, 11:30 GMT+1: 7 new cases in Norway = 40 cases.

    4 Mar, 10:58 GMT+1: Iceland has now 16 cases of coronavirus.

    4 Mar, 10:57 GMT+1: 22 new cases in Switzerland today. The total number is now 59.

    4 Mar, 10:56 GMT+1: 240 cases in Germany now.

    3 Mar, 22:37 GMT+1: 37 cases in Switzerland.

    3 Mar, 22:37 GMT+1: 203 cases in Germany now.

    3 Mar, 22:36 GMT+1:  Austria has now 24 cases of coronavirus.

    3 Mar, 20:40 GMT+1:  Now 153 cases in Spain. First dead. 71 cases in intensive care.

    3 Mar, 20:32 GMT+1:  Now 199 cases in Germany.

    3 Mar, 20:30 GMT+1:  6 new cases in Sweden taking the total to 30.

    3 Mar, 19:58 GMT+1:  Now 188 cases in Germany.

    3 Mar, 19:56 GMT+1:  Now 212 cases in France – 4 dead.

    3 Mar, 19:19 GMT+1:  SAS cancels all flights to Northern Italy.

    3 Mar, 18:29 GMT+1:  229 in intensive care.

    3 Mar, 18:20 GMT+1:  428 new cases in Italy. Total number of infections now stands at 2502.

    3 Mar, 18:16 GMT+1:  27 new deaths – now 79 dead in Italy.

    3 Mar, 17:29 GMT+1:  Rome-Ostia half marathon canceled.

    3 Mar, 17:27 GMT+1: The society of anesthesiologists and hospital resuscitators warns that there are now few places left in intensive care in Lombardy.

    3 Mar, 15:04 GMT+1: 23 members of the Iranian parliament have tested positive.

    3 Mar, 14:59 GMT+1: Two judges at the Court of Milan has tested positive.

    3 Mar, 14:56 GMT+1: The first steps of the government are useless. – Salvini

    3 Mar, 14:55 GMT+1: The blockades against our country are unacceptable and having countries that ask for a stamp on products in Italy is unacceptable. It is completely absurd to ask for the virus-free stamp on products. It is not just about discrimination, but it could also be an attempt at unfair competition. – Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio.

    3 Mar, 14:53 GMT+1: Sweden now blocks flights from Iran.

    3 Mar, 14:51 GMT+1: Now 103 cases in the United States.

    3 Mar, 14:47 GMT+1: Czech Republic blocks flights to 4 regions of Italy. (Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.)

    3 Mar, 14:44 GMT+1: Now 51 cases in UK.

    3 Mar, 14:27 GMT+1: First case in Ukraine today.

    2 Mar, 19:41 GMT+1: British Airways cancel 206 flights.

    2 Mar, 19:06 GMT+1: 291 cases in Veneto – of which 17 are in intensive care.

    2 Mar, 18:53 GMT+1: Now 15 cases in Sweden.

    2 Mar, 18:50 GMT+1: 6 new cases in Norway taking the total to 25. As Norway only have 5.000.000 inhabitants it makes it to one of the countries with most cases per million inhabitants.

    2 Mar, 18:45 GMT+1: Now 2036 cases in Italy. 52 dead. 1254 cases and 38 dead in Lombardy alone.

    2 Mar, 16:02 GMT+1: Italy are now concerned that they will run out of intensive care beds.

    2 Mar, 15:50 GMT+1: 2 new deaths in France.

    2 Mar, 15:47 GMT+1: 150 persons now in intensive care in Lombardy alone.

    2 Mar, 15:11 GMT+1: 6 new cases in UK – Now 40.

    2 Mar, 15:09 GMT+1: 7 new cases in Switzerland = 25.

    2 Mar, 14:46 GMT+1: 2 first cases in Florida – State of Emergency.

    2 Mar, 14:50 GMT+1: Veneto in Italy increasing the number of intensive care units.

    2 Mar, 14:46 GMT+1: Now 150 cases in Germany.

    2 Mar, 14:39 GMT+1: The whole council of Lombardy will now be tested after one councillor tested positive.

    2 Mar, 14:37 GMT+1: 3 more cases in Friuli in Italy – 12 cases in total.

    2 Mar, 14:34 GMT+1: First 2 cases in Portugal.

    2 Mar, 14:31 GMT+1: 36 new cases in Spain – taking the totalt to 120 cases in Spain.

    2 Mar, 14:27 GMT+1: Councillor for Economic Development in Lombardy – Mattinzoli – now hospitalized with Coronavirus.

    2 Mar, 10:51 GMT+1: 51 cases in Piedmont now.

    2 Mar, 10:44 GMT+1: The first case has now been reported on the island Sardinia.

    2 Mar, 10:42 GMT+1: A new person has been tested positive for coronavirus in Udine in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. There is now a total of 9 cases in FVG, 4 in Udine, 3 in Trieste and 2 in Gorzia.

    2 Mar, 10:40 GMT+1: First case of coronavirus in Rome, a policeman.

    2 Mar, 01:29 GMT+1: A person has died from corona virus in San Marino. 7 new cases have been reported, bringing the total number of infected to 8.

    San Marino is one of the world’s smallest countries and is surrounded by Italy.

    2 Mar, 01:15 GMT+1: Corona virus cases in Italy over the last few days.

    28/2: 889

    29/2: 1140

    1/3: 1694

    Around 50% increase in the last day.

    1 Mar, 22:54 GMT+1: World famous museum the Louvre in Paris has closed due to corona virus fears.

    1 Mar, 22:13 GMT+1: Second case of corona virus reported in Iceland, raising the total number of infected in the country to 2.

    1 Mar, 19:53 GMT+1: 5 new cases in Austria today, raising the total number to 14.

    1 Mar, 19:30 GMT+1: 30 new cases of corona virus in France, raising the total number of infected to 130.

    1 Mar, 19:15 GMT+1: Another case of corona virus in Norway. A teacher is now infected. The total number of infected in Norway now is at 19.

    1 Mar, 18:18 GMT+1 BREAKING: Now 1694 cases of coronavirus in Italy, 566 more than yesterday. 34 dead, 5 more than yesterday.

    1 Mar, 11:30 GMT+1 There are now 223 cases of coronavirus in Veneto. 87 are in Vo ‘Eugeano, 42 in Treviso, 19 in Venice, 12 in Limena, 5 in Mirano, 3 in Vicenza, 5 in Padua, 2 in Verona and 1 attributed to Codogno. 47 are hospitalized, with 12 in intensive care.

    Feb 29, 14:45 GMT+1 83 cases in Germany now. 45 in Spain.

    Feb 29, 12:33 GMT+1 Cases per region today. Total number of cases are now at least 930.

    • 531 in Lombardy
    • 151 in Veneto
    • 145 in Emilia-Romagna
    • 43 in Piedmont
    • 19 in Liguria
    • 13 in Campania
    • 8 in Tuscany
    • 6 in Marche
    • 4 in Sicily
    • 4 in Lazio
    • 3 in Puglia
    • 1 in Abruzzo
    • 1 in Calabria
    • 1 in Trentino – Alto Adige

    Feb 29, 23:50 GMT+1 Summary today.

    • 274 new cases in Italy
    • 4 deaths in Italy
    • 4 new cases in Sweden
    • 2 new cases in Sweden
    • First case in Iceland
    • First case in New Zealand
    • First case in Lithuania
    • First case in Mexico
    • 2 new cases in Croatia
    • 1 new case in Denmark
    • 1 new case in Finland
    • 3 new cases in Austria
    • 60 cases in Germany
    • 57 cases in France
    • 32 cases in Spain

    Feb 28, 23:35 GMT+1 1 new case in Lazio now.

    Feb 28, 23:23 GMT+1 2 new cases in Norway today, bringing the total number of cases to 6.

    The numbers per region is as following:

    • 531 in Lombardy
    • 151 in Veneto
    • 145 in Emilia-Romagna
    • 40 in Piedmont
    • 19 in Liguria
    • 8 in Tuscany
    • 6 in Marche
    • 4 in Sicily
    • 4 in Campania
    • 3 in Lazio
    • 3 in Puglia
    • 1 in Abruzzo
    • 1 in Calabria
    • 1 in Trentino – Alto Adige

    Feb 28, 18:42 GMT+1 4 new cases of coronavirus in Sweden, bringing the total number of cases to 11.

    Feb 28, 18:11 GMT+1 LATEST: Borelli has now come out with the latest official numbers.

    21 dead and 821 infected.

    Feb 28, 18:09 GMT+1 3 new deaths today in Lombardy, reports Giulio Gallera. This brings the total number of deaths up to 20.

    Feb 28, 17:49 GMT+1 The hospitals in Lombardy now is on the edge of what they can take, according to professor Massimo Galli.

    “Most of the beds in the intensive care departments are occupied by this disease – he adds – some hospitals are in serious crisis, such as Lodi and Cremona, where we are experiencing an overload of patients”.

    Feb 28, 17:38 GMT+1 Latest: New update from Lombardy in Italy. There is now 531 cases, with 125 new from yesterday evening.

    Also, 235 of these are hospitalized and 85 in intensive care.

    The total number in Italy is now at least 793.

    Feb 28, 16:25 GMT+1 We are still waiting for the numbers from Italy today. The only we know is the 13 new cases in Veneto today.

    Feb 28, 12:05 GMT+1 60 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany now. That’s 16 new from Thursday evening.

    Feb 28, 10:46 GMT+1 3 cases of coronavirus now confirmed in Campania in Southern Italy. The 3 cases are from the Casertano, Salernitano and Naples areas.

    Feb 28, 10:38 GMT+1 British Airways now cancels 56 flights to Northern Italy between 11th of March and 27th of March, in addition to the 22 cancelled to Milan. The destinations cancelled include Bologna, Turin and Venice.

    Feb 28, 10:22 GMT+1 First case of coronavirus in Lithuania. The infected is a woman who returned from Verona in Italy on the 24th of February.

    Feb 28, 10:15 GMT+1 There are now 133 cases in Veneto, 13 new since yesterday.

    Feb 27, 22:59 GMT+1 The arrangers of UAE cycling tour has cancelled the remaining parts of the tour after 2 Italian cyclists have been tested positive for coronavirus.

    Feb 27, 20:23 GMT+1 20 new cases in France. Also 14 new cases in Germany, bringing the country’s total number to 40.

    Feb 27, 20:21 GMT+1 BREAKING: 5 new cases in Sweden, bringing the total number of cases to 7.

    Feb 27, 19:12 GMT+1 Italy has lost over 200 million euros for March in cancellations. British Airways has cancelled 22 flights from London to Milan until the end of March due to lack of bookings.

    Feb 27, 18:51 GMT+1 There has been a huge surge in the number of cases in Italy from Wednesday evening. There has been 250 new cases in under 24 hours.

    Feb 27, 18:45 GMT+1 LATEST: 650 cases in Italy now, including 403 cases in Lombardy and 116 in Veneto.

    Feb 27, 18:38 GMT+1 Breaking: 3 new deaths by coronavirus in Italy. The total number is now 17.

    Feb 27, 17:33 GMT+1 A Spanish journalist has been infected after visiting Milan on the 20th of February. He is currently hospitalized in Valencia and is in good condition.

    Feb 27, 11:31 GMT+1 Breaking: There are now 528 cases and 14 deaths according to Borrelli. 37 recovered in Lombardy and 3 in Lazio (the Chinese tourists).

    Feb 27, 11:31 GMT+1 First case in Denmark today. The infected had been skiing in Lombardy with his family and returned on the 24th of February. He is in fairly good condition.

    Feb 27, 11:29 GMT+1 The number of infected in Veneto has risen to 98, 11 new over the night. The total number of cases is now at least 427.

    Feb 27, 11:24 GMT+1 Yesterday’s press conference in Lombardy was cancelled due to health checkup. It was found that a close worker to governor Fontana had contracted corona virus and the governor is now in 14 days self isolation.

    Feb 26, 22:05 GMT+1 87 cases in Veneto now.

    Feb 26, 22:03 GMT+1 Breaking: Norway has now got its first case of coronavirus.

    Feb 26, 18:18 GMT+1 400 cases in Italy now, including 47 in Emilia-Romagna.

    Feb 26, 16:00 GMT+1 A 8-year-old girl has been tested positive for corona virus in Padua, Veneto.

    Feb 26, 14:53 GMT+1 Update: 2 new suspected cases of coronavirus in Florence. Both are awaiting confirmation.

    Feb 26, 13:27 GMT+1 Update: Greece has reported its first case of coronavirus, a woman who has recently traveled to Northern Italy.

    Feb 26, 13:26 GMT+1 Update: BREAKING: 374 cases in Italy now and 12 deaths, first death in Emilia-Romagna. First case in the region Marche and the number of cases has exploded to over 70 in Veneto.

    Feb 26, 10:45 GMT+1 Update: All schools of all levels are now closed in Heinsberg district in Germany. This comed after the first case of corona virus in the area. The infected is a man in his 40s, which is in serious condition now.

    Feb 26, 10:19 GMT+1 Update: The total number of cases should now be at least 357, after the 19 new from Lombardy and 13 new in Veneto.

    Feb 26, 10:12 GMT+1 Update: There’s now 58 cases of corona virus in Veneto, 13 new from last night.

    Feb 26, 10:09 GMT+1 Update: Brazil has now got its first case. It’s a 61-year-old man from São Paulo. The man is in good condition and does not need to be hospitalized.

    Feb 26, 10:06 GMT+1 Update: Russia has now advised its citizens to not travel to Italy, South Korea and Iran, to try to prevent the spread of the virus. Russia has had 2 cases so far with no deaths.

    Feb 26, 10:03 GMT+1 Update: There’s now 259 cases in Lombardy, including a 4-year-old girl. According to governor Fontana, there are now four minors under 15 which have been infected by the virus.

    Feb 25, 23:57 GMT+1 Update: Another case of corona virus in Spain, bringing the total number up to 5. The infected is a 24 year old who has traveled to Italy.

    Feb 25, 23:55 GMT+1 Update: Britain has warned against travelling except “essential” travel to 11 Italian cities.

    The cities include Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini, Castelgerundo, San Fiorano and Vo ‘Euganeo

    Feb 25, 22:34 GMT+1 Update: The number of cases and deaths in Italy in a chart.

    Feb 25, 21:10 GMT+1 Update: Schools to be closed for 3 days in Palermo to allow for “extraordinary cleaning” following the corona virus outbreak in Italy.

    Feb 25, 20:32 GMT+1 Update: 45 cases in Veneto now, including 4 in Venice. There has also been reported a second case in the region Liguria.

    Feb 25, 19:37 GMT+1 Update: 11 dead now. The last victim was the 76-year-old woman in Trevisio, Veneto.

    Feb 25, 18:46 GMT+1 Update: 16 new cases in Pavia in Lombardy now.

    Feb 25, 18:40 GMT+1 Update: First case of corona virus in Trevisio in Veneto. It’s a 76-year-old woman, and is currently hospitalized.

    Feb 25, 18:36 GMT+1 Update: 3 cases in Sicily now. There is now also 240 cases in Lombardy, 42 in Veneto and 26 in Emilia-Romagna. The total number in Italy is 322.

    Feb 25, 18:34 GMT+1 Update: There’s now 322 cases and 10 deaths according to Borrelli. The 3 last deaths has happened within the last few hours in Lombardy. All three were over 80.

    Feb 25, 17:08 GMT+1 Update: Two hotels in Alassio have been ordered to isolate guests after an infected person was a guest.

    These are the Al Mare hotel and the Bel Sit hotel.

    Feb 25, 17:04 GMT+1 Update: First case of corona virus in mainland Spain.

    So far today Croatia, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Italy have reported new cases in Europe.

    Feb 25, 17:00 GMT+1 Update: Schools are now closed across several region until at least 1st of March in Italy.

    • Lombardy.
    • Piedmont.
    • Veneto.
    • Emilia Romagna.
    • Friuli Venezia Giulia.
    • Trentino Alto Adige.
    • Liguria.

    These areas have a combined population of 27.5 million people.

    Feb 25, 16:56 GMT+1 Update: Switzerland reports the first case of corona virus in the country.

    Feb 25, 14:27 GMT+1 Update: Breaking: first case in Croatia. The infected is reported to have visited Milan recently.

    Feb 25, 13:21 GMT+1 Update: Breaking: first 2 cases in Austria, both in Tyrol. Both are believed to have come from Lombardy, but this is not confirmed yet.

    Feb 25, 12:28 GMT+1 Update: Of the 283 infected, 212 are in Lombardy, 38 in Veneto, 23 in Emilia-Romagna, 3 in Piedmont, 3 in Lazio, 2 in Tuscany, 1 in Trentino – Alto Adige and 1 in Sicily. In addition, there has been 7 deaths and 1 recover, bringing the total number of cases to 291 in Italy.

    Feb 25, 12:23 GMT+1 Update: Kuwait has banned all flights to and from Italy, South Korea and Thailand now.

    Feb 25, 12:20 GMT+1 Update: There are 2 positive suspects now in Tuscany which is awaiting confirmation. One of the suspects has been to Codogno in Lombardy. Yesterday morning he had a high fever and an ambulance took him to the hospital in Pistoia where he is in isolation.

    Feb 25, 12:14 GMT+1 Update: Bulgarian Air has now suspended all flights to and from Milan until the 27th of March. All passangers on the cancelled flights can request a full refund or change the date at no additional cost.

    Feb 25, 12:12 GMT+1 Update: Borrelli has now said that 283 is infected by the virus. Adding to this, there has been 7 deaths and 1 recover, bringing the total number of cases to 291.

    Feb 25, 10:58 GMT+1 Update: The virus has now spread to Sicily. A Bergamo tourist who visited the island was tested positive for corona virus, making it the first case in Southern Italy.

    Feb 25, 10:55 GMT+1 Update: Yesterday an Italian doctor who was on vacation in Tenerife was tested positive for corona virus. A 1000 people are now in isolation.

    Feb 25, GMT+1 Update: 270 cases now, 40 new cases over the night. 206 of these are in Lombardy, 38 in Veneto, 18 in Emilia-Romagna, 3 in Piedmont and Lazio, 1 in South Tyrol and 1 in Palermo.

    Feb 25, 00:16 GMT+1 Update: At the end of the day, the numbers are as following:

    Lombardy: 173 cases with 6 deaths

    Veneto: 33 cases with 1 death

    Emilia-Romagna: 18 cases

    Piedmont: 3

    Lazio: 3

    Trentino – Alto Adige: 1 (South Tyrol)

    101 are hospitalized, 27 in intensive care and 94 in home isolation.

    The total number of cases in Italy stands at 231.

    Feb 24, 23:19 GMT+1 Update: The first case has now come to South Tyrol. Also, there has been another case in Veneto, bringing the regions total number to 33.

    Feb 24, 23:16 GMT+1 Update: Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Sarec said today that Slovenia is ready to close its borders if the spread of corona virus continues.

    He said: “In light of the spread of the virus, Slovenia will close its borders if necessary.”

    Feb 24, 20:02 GMT+1 Update: Another patient has died of the corona virus outbreak in Lombardy, bringing the total number to 7.

    Feb 24, 19:01 GMT+1 Update: Austria has announced that they will stop people suspected of being infected with corona virus from crossing the border.

    Feb 24, 17:28 GMT+1 Update: France has announced “precautionary measures” for people arriving from northern Italy.

    Feb 24, 17:16 GMT+1 Update: 5 new cases in Veneto. The region now has a total of 32 cases and the total in Italy is 229.

    Feb 24, 16:14 GMT+1 Update: Serbia has now recommended its citizens to not visit the outbreak areas in Italy.

    Feb 24, 15:38 GMT+1 Update: Reports that an 80 year old man has died after testing positive for corona virus.

    He was taken to hospital several days ago after a heart attack.

    Feb 24, 14:39 GMT+1 Update: The victim was a woman from Cremona, who died in Brescia.

    Feb 24, 14:32 GMT+1 Update: A 6th death has been reported. Further details are not available at the moment.

    Feb 24, 14:24 GMT+1 Update: Several countries now warning against travelling to northern Italy. This includes Ireland, Hungary and Croatia.

    Feb 24, 14:15 GMT+1 Update: The Israeli health minister has advised Israelis to not travel to Italy.

    They are also checking whether to impose quarantine on arrivals from Italy.

    Feb 24, 14:13 GMT+1 Update: All offices and secreterial offices of prosecutors are being closed in Milan to stop the spread of the ourbreak.

    Feb 24, 13:32 GMT+1 Update: 5 new cases in Lombardy, raising the regions total number to 172. The total number in Italy is now 224.

    Feb 24, 13:00 GMT+1 Update: Bus from Italy has been blocked in Lyon in France after the driver developed a “strong and abnormal” cough.

    Feb 24, 12:52 GMT+1 Update: An Alitalia flight from Rome to the Mauritius islands has been stopped in Mauritius due to concerns for corona virus. There are 300 people onboard, with 70 from Lombardy and Veneto. Those who don’t come from the outbreak areas are allowed to leave but those from Lombardy and Veneto are asked to either accept a quarantine period or return to Italy immediately.

    Feb 24, 12:43 GMT+1 Update: 1 new case reported in Emilia-Romagna, raising the regions number to 17 and Italy’s total number to 220. The patient is a resident of Modena and have worked for a few weeks in the Lodigiano area.

    Feb 24, 12:39 GMT+1 Update: Of the 219 cases in Italy, 99 are hospitalized, 23 in intensive care, 91 in home isolation, 5 dead and 1 recovered.

    Feb 24, 12:31 GMT+1 Update: Croatia suspends all school trips to Italy for a month amid corona virus outbreak.

    Feb 24, 12:23 GMT+1 Update: 1 new death in Italy. The victim is a 88-year-old person from Lombardy, says Borrelli. This is the 5th victim in Italy and the second today.

    Feb 24, 11:51 GMT+1 Update: There are 167 confirmed cases in Lombardy now, which takes the number to at least 216 confirmed cases in Italy.

    Feb 24, 10:53 GMT+1 Update: In Iran there has been reported 50 deaths in Qom due to corona virus and in South Korea there are now 833 confirmed cases.

    Feb 24, 10:42 GMT+1 Update: 1 new case in Venice and another one in Veneto. The total number in Veneto is now 27, which takes the total number of cases to at least 214.

    Feb 24, 10:04 GMT+1 Update: 2 new cases in the Cremona area in Lombardy.

    Feb 24, 10:02 GMT+1 Update: 7 new cases in Emilia-Romagna, raising the regions total number to 16 cases. There is at least 212 confirmed cases in Italy now.

    Feb 24, 09:55 GMT+1 Update: 4th death reported in Italy. The victim is a 84-year-old man from Bergamo.

    Feb 24, 09:47 GMT+1 Update: 165 cases in Lombardy now according to governor Fontana.

    Feb 24, 00:05 GMT+1 Update: The region of Liguria has ordered schools and museums to close until 1st of March.

    Liguria has a population of 1.5 million people.

    Feb 23, 23:27 GMT+1 Update: Romania has announced a 14 day quarantine period for Romanians returning from Italian outbreak areas.

    Feb 23, 23:21 GMT+1 Update: All trains between Italy and Austria are suspended after two women with fever were found on a Eurocity train, however lines will open again tomorrow.

    Feb 23, 23:18 GMT+1 Update: People are reporting that shelves in Italian supermarkets are running empty.

    Feb 23, 20:42 GMT+1 Update: All events and initiatives, including religious services have been supsended in the region of Veneto.

    Veneto has a population of 4.9 million people.

    Feb 23, 20:39 GMT+1 Update: Italian ministery of health has tweeted out recomendations to protect oneself from the corona virus.

    Feb 23, 19:01 GMT+1 Update: The famous Duomo in Milan is now closed to the public until at least the 25th of February.

    Feb 23, 18:42 GMT+1 Update: Schools and universities closed in Piedemont, Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Trentino-Alto Adige.

    These regions have a combined population of 24.8 million people.

    Feb 23, 18:39 GMT+1 Update: Italy now has the third number of most cases in the world of Corona virus after South Korea and China.

    Feb 23, 18:28 GMT+1 Update: People are now posting photos of empty supermarket shelves in Italy after number of infected have exploded in last 2 days.

    Feb 23, 18:18 GMT+1 Update: Borrelli has said that the number of cases in Italy is now 152.

    Feb 23, 17:44 GMT+1 Update: Third victim in Italy from Cremona in Lombardy. The number of cases in Lombardy has now risen to 112, with a total of over 150 cases in Italy.

    Feb 23, 17:17 GMT+1 Update: Schools are now being closed in the area of Emilia-Romagna.

    Schools and universities are being closed in the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.

    19.3 million people live in these areas combined.

    Feb 23, 17:06 GMT+1 Update: Police blockades are now starting in the outbreak areas in Lodi. Motorists are being warned that once they enter, they cannot leave.

    They are setting up blockades in 10 municipalities, with the army being used if neccessary to enforce the lockdown.

    Feb 23, 17:02 GMT+1 Update: Israel has announced they are blocking all non-residents from entering the country that have been in Japan or South Korea in the last 14 days.

    Feb 23, 16:58 GMT+1 Update: A total of 6 cases is now found in Piedmont. 4 people have been tested positive for corona virus in Bergamo.

    Feb 23, 16:36 GMT+1 Update: Another 500 people from the Police and Army has been sent to patroll the outbreak areas in Veneto and Lombardy and to controll access to the areas.

    Feb 23, 15:59 GMT+1 Update: The government of Italy has now asked that schools and cultural and sporting events be suspended in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

    This to a date yet to be decided, so at the moment it means indefinetely.

    Feb 23, 15:56 GMT+1 Update: Universities in Trieste and Udine will be closed until 1st of March in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

    Feb 23, 15:50 GMT+1 Update: Kindergartens to be closed in South Tyrol from 1st of March.

    South Tyrol is in northern Italy, bordering with Austria.

    Feb 23, 15:38 GMT+1 Update: Reports of N95 face masks sold out in some areas of Italy.

    Feb 23, 15:25 GMT+1 Update: The mayor of Codogna says that currently police are patrolling the streets while waiting for the government to publish the decree announced yesterday regarding blocking people from leaving or entering outbreak areas.

    This means there are no blocks yet, only patrols on the street, because the have “not yet had precise indications”.

    Feb 23, 15:21 GMT+1 Update: Another confirmed infection of Corona virus in the Bergamo area, bringing total number of infected to 133.

    Feb 23, 15:02 GMT+1 Update: Masses in Lombardy have been suspended. All religious services in the region has been suspended.

    Feb 23, 14:59 GMT+1 Update: Police will guard 35 access points in the Lodi area and 8 access points in the territory of Vo ‘Euganeo 24/7.

    People will not be allowed to leave or enter, and risk arrest if doing so.

    Feb 23, 14:24 GMT+1 Update: The governor of Veneto, Zaia Luca has said that the 2 cases in Venice worries us a lot. Both patients are in intensive care, and they don’t know how they have been infected.

    Feb 23, 14:20 GMT+1 Update: The army and police has arrived at the lockdown area Vo’ Eugeano. Checkpoints are expected to be set up the next few hours.

    Feb 23, 14:05 GMT+1 Update: Piedmont schools of all levels will be closed for a week, starting tomorrow.

    Feb 23, 14:04 GMT+1 Update: All public and private events, schools, museums and the Venice carnival are closed until 1st of March, says the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia.

    Feb 23, 13:31 GMT+1 Update: 132 people tested positive for corona virus in Italy now, according to Borrelli. Patient zero is not yet identified.

    Feb 23, 13:28 GMT+1 Update: Now the universities in Piedmont closes.

    Feb 23, 13:25 GMT+1 Update: The Italian authorities are still in the dark on where the source of the outbreaks in Italy comes from. There has been one big outbreak in Lombardy and one in Veneto. Now there are also cases in Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. It was hopes that they had found the source of the outbreak in Veneto, but the 8 Chinese have all been tested negative today.

    “It is a positive thing for their health, but this does not give us the answers on how the virus came that proves even more ubiquitous” says the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia.

    “We are worried because – he continued – what seemed to be an isolated case now involves Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont.”

    Feb 23, 12:56 GMT+1 Update: Schools now closed in Milan and Lombardy.

    Feb 23, 12:45 GMT+1 Update: New cases in Piedmont. The numbers are not known yet.

    Feb 23, 12:38 GMT+1 Update: Also according to Angelo Borelli, 26 of these are in intensive care. This equals over 20% of all cases.

    Feb 23, 12:35 GMT+1 Update: According to Comissioner Angelo Borelli, there are now 129 cases of corona virus in Italy.

    Feb 23, 12:33 GMT+1 Update: 6 new cases in Emilia-Romagna, including 2 doctors and 1 nurse. The number of cases stands at 128 now.

    Feb 23, 12:05 GMT+1 Update: 8 new cases in Veneto, including 2 in Venice. The total number of cases in Italy is now 122.

    Feb 23, 10:30 GMT+1 Update: Big surge in the number of infected during the night. Another 35 cases appeared during the night, raising the number of infected to 111, with 114 confirmed cases in total. 89 of the cases are in Lombardy, 17 in Veneto, 2 in Emila-Romagna, 2 in Lazio and 1 in Piedmont, in addition to 2 deaths and 1 recover.

    Feb 23, 01:03 GMT+1 Update: The number of confirmed Corona virus infections in Italy earlier passed Hong Kong. Italy now has 79 confirmed cases, compared with 70 in Hong Kong.

    Feb 23, 01:01 GMT+1 Update: The Serie A football match between Inter and Sampdoria scheduled for 23rd February has been postponed for a date yet to be decided because of the Corona virus outbreak.

    Feb 23, 00:55 GMT+1 Update: Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte announced that the police, and even the armed forces if necessary will ensure compliance with the containment measures, but Conte says “we will be very confident about citizen collaboration”.

    Feb 23, 00:50 GMT+1 Update: New law decree in effect, with up to 3 months prison for those who do not comply with regulations.

    Those failing to comply with containment measures decided by the government tonight will be punished pursuant to Article 650.

    This means that the 50 000 people under lockdown risk arrest if they leave the area.

    00:19 GMT+1 Update: Italian Prime Minister has announced that the police and army will keep people in affected areas under lockdown by force if neccessary. 50 000 people are now under lockdown.

    Feb 22, 23:40 GMT+1 Update: Now there’s a total of 79 infected. 54 of the cases are in Lombardy, 17 in Veneto, 2 in Emilia-Romagna, 2 in Lazio and 1 in Piedemont.

    33 are currently hospitalized, with 18 being in intensive care. 11 people are in home isolation. 2 are dead while 1 has recovered.

    People are not allowed to leave or enter an outbreak area and will face criminal sanctions if doing so.

    All sporting events in Lombardy and Veneto tomorrow are cancelled.

    Feb 22, 23:02 GMT+1 Update: 4 new cases in Veneto. There’s now 12 cases in Vo ‘Euganeo and 4 cases in Milano. Total number of infected are 71. Universities are now closing in Lombardy, Veneto and Ferrara.

    Feb 22, 21:17 GMT+1 Update: 2 new cases in Milan. The total number infected reaches now 67 in Italy.

    Feb 22, 19:10 GMT+1 Update: 6 new cases in Lombardy, raising the total number to 65 cases of coronavirus in Italy.

    Feb 22, 18:48 GMT+1 Update: One new case reported in Piedmont, three tested positive in Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna and a 40th case in Lombardy, raising the total number of cases in Italy to 59. Friuli-Venezia-Giulia has declared State of Emergency and schools are closed in Trentino until at least wednesday.

    From 16 infected on Friday evening, the number exploded to over 50 new cases by Saturday midday as Italy is putting towns on lockdown.

    There have also been two deaths by coronavirus in Italy – the first ones in Europe.

    The first death was in Padua, Veneto where a 78-year-old man died due to coronavirus.

    Hours later, a second death was reported due to the virus, this time in Lombardy.

    According to Lombardy Welfare councilor Giulio Gallera, there is no connection between the 2 outbreaks in Lombardy and Veneto.

    The deaths have prompted local authorities in Veneto and Lombardy to shut down schools, public transport, restaurants, shops and other public spaces to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    A total of over 50,000 people who live in the areas have been asked to stay at home.

    There are now 77 973 confirmed cases worldwide according to BNO News.

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