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Guest article by Francesco Giubilei.

Italy is currently living its most difficult moment since the end of the Second World War.

The Coronavirus epidemic has circulated the entire world and has attacked the North of Italy in a particularly aggressive way, mostly the region of Lombardy, one of the most populous and productive regions with the city of Milan, the second most important Italian city.

The Italian government, with the help of all its citizens, is doing whatever it can to avoid spreading the Coronavirus, including adopting drastic measures, as the decision to stop the entries and exits from Lombardy and other provinces in northern Italy and now putting the entire country in lockdown.

The Italian population is confronting, with difficulty, an emergency with a sense of responsibility, while Italy’s medical personnel is showing its efficiency and generosity.

Italy cannot be left alone to deal with this emergency and needs help from other nations. Italy has always been generous and supportive, the Italian communities around the world represent an important resource for many nations, and the people of Italian origin are millions at a global level. 

So how can you help Italy today in a concrete way from abroad?  Firstly, with donations to help our national healthcare system so we can invest in equipment, new personnel, and hospital beds that are urgently needed because of scarcity.

Secondly, by acquiring all the Italian products that health organizations believe to be secure to stop the Italian economy from an economic meltdown that would have grave social consequences.

There is furthermore another development, which may appear secondary today, but is relevant in the long-term: the communicative aspect and the reputation of Italy. Do not divulge fake news on our country, avoid making bad jokes on Italy’s situation; do not contribute to spreading a negative view of Italy around the world. We are aware of the gravity of the situation, but solidarity between nations also means giving each other this kind of assistance in times of need.

We will overcome this crisis because we are a great people and a great nation, and in our millinial-old history we have confronted numerous challenges, getting back up stronger than before.

It will be the same this time as well, but please do not leave us alone.

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Francesco Giubilei
Francesco Giubilei
Francesco Giubilei is an author, publisher, and professor based in Italy. He is the president of the Italian foundation Fondazione Tatarella and the founder of the Italian conservative think tank Nazione Futura, a writer for the newspaper Il Giornale and a professor at the University G. Fortunato of Benevento. Giubilei was included in Forbe's list of 100 most influential youths in Italy under 30. He is the author of seven books.


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