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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sweden to under-report Coronavirus cases

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Sweden has decided to only test people in need of care, or those who are already admitted to hospitals with coronavirus symptoms – meaning that there is an under-reporting of the actual number of cases.

This has caused the Swedish State television SVT to come with rare critical comment stating:

According to the recommendations of the Public Health Authority at this time, only persons in need of care or who are already admitted to hospitals with coronavirus symptoms should be tested.

This has a significant impact on the figures for the number of cases in Sweden.

The following figures are thus an under-reporting of the actual number of cases and show only those that have been tested – not all that have the corona virus.

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Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, who's particularly fond of travelling and photographing nature sceneries in Europe. Travel editor at Times of Sweden. Paul has also authored several travel books about Norway, Sweden and Ireland.


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