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Norway: Dentist tells people to fix teeth themselves with sand paper and bubble gum amidst corona virus pandemic

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The corona virus outbreak has caused an increased workload for dentists in Norway, as some dentists have been quarantined.

A dentist has therefor encouraged patients to fix certain acute problems themselves.

Norwegian dentist Claes Thorbjørn Næsheim has told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK that people can fix some problems themselves – With sand paper and bubble gum!

“If a piece of your tooth falls of, and you have a sharp edge against your tongue, you can use a fine sand paper and grind a little yourself” he said.

In case of people loosing a filling, the Norwegian dentist has also come up with a solution, by using some sugarfree bubble gum.

“It becomes like a temporary filling, that can help for a while. The bubble gum can be a little strong for the tongue and gum, but it is better than the tooth possibly cracking” said dentist Claes Thorbjørn Næsheim.

However, if people have so much tooth ache that it reduces their general condition, then you must seek a dentist said dentist Næsheim.

The Norwegian dentist association also supports the dentists advice.

“We treat people as little as possible right now, and ask that people think before they call the dentist. But if you have severe pain and swelling, you need to take contact. Pharmacies also have some dental filling, that one can add to a filling that has fallen out” said the President for the Norwegian dentist association Camilla Hansen Steinum.

The corona virus outbreak has caused dentists to have increased workloads as some have had to go into quarantine.

“I have never experienced something like this during peace time” said dentist Claes Thorbjørn Næsheim, adding that he has barely had time to go on the toilet.

Norway has had many cases of corona virus per capita, with 1 590 infections and 6 deaths so far. 85 people are currently hopsitalized due to the illness.

Norway has universal healthcare. This is a tax-funded, single-payer system. Dentist treatment for children in Norway is free of charge. However, as a rule, people are liable for their own dental costs in Norway, with a few exceptions.

You can follow our LIVE reporting on the corona virus situation HERE.

Disclaimer: We at Times of Sweden do NOT recommend people to fix their teeth themselves, even though this Norwegian dentist adviced so. We are a news publication so we merely report what is happening and what this Norwegian dentist said. Always seek dentist advice if you are experiencing any dental problems.

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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