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Sweden: Over 50 cars damaged by fire in 1 week

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Car arson continues to be a problem in Sweden, with at least 55 cars either set on fire directly, or being damaged by nearby cars being set on fire.

The largest fire took place on the 23rd of March, where 16 cars were burning at a parking lot in Stockholm.

Earlier in the same night, 2 cars were burning in another area of Stockholm. During this, one of the cars exploded which shocked fire fighters. They got some ringing in the ears, but were otherwise unharmed from the incident.

On the 17th of March, 7 cars were burning in Stockholm, with explosions being heard in connections with the fires.

All other incidents are listed here below.

  • 00:17, 23rd March: Car on fire at Norrby school.
  • 22:27, 20th March: 2 cars on fire in Uddevalla.
  • 01:22, 20th March: Car on fire in Gothenburg.
  • 02:44, 20th March: 2 cars on fire in Gothenburg.
  • 04:24, 20th March: Car on fire in Halmstad.
  • 00:41, 19th March: Car on fire in Hörby.
  • 23:55, 17th March: Van on fire near a church in Hallstahammar.
  • 23:45, 17th March: Car on fire in Västerås.
  • 04:14, 17th March: 3 cars on fire in Malmö.
  • 01:08, 17th March: 1 car destroyed after fire in garage in Malmö.
  • 01:30, 17th March: Car on fire, spread to second car in Halmstad.
  • 22:57, 16th March: Car on fire, 2 other cars damaged in Uppsala.
  • 01:33, 16th March: Car on fire, which spread to nearby building in Norrköping.

Source for the car fires listed above is the Swedish police. All incidents can be found on their website here.

Earlier we reported about a fire that damaged some 50 cars in the Swedish city of Umeå. Sweden has seen a huge increase in car fires over the last 20 years.

In 1998 Sweden saw 380 car fires, compared to 2017 where it had risen to 1 457 – A 283% increase in just 19 years.

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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