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LIVE: Latest updates on corona virus pandemic

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We have the latest live updates on the developing corona virus situation worldwide.

  • 678 210 cases in the United States – 34 641 dead. Death rate 5.1%
  • 184 948 cases in Spain – 19 315 dead. Death rate 10.4%
  • 168 941 cases in Italy – 22 170 dead. Death rate 13.1%
  • 165 027 cases in France – 17 920 dead. Death rate 10.9%
  • 138 135 cases in Germany – 4 093 dead. Death rate 3.0%
  • 103 093 cases in the United Kingdom – 13 729 dead. Death rate 13.3%
  • 12 540 cases in Sweden – 1 333 dead. (Swedish cases and deaths are under-reported.)
  • 6 848 cases in Norway – 152 dead. (Norwegian numbers and deaths are under-reported.)
  • At least 63 Italian doctors and 69 priests dead – 8 358 health care workers infected.
  • “They call it the apocalypse” – 15.1% death rate in Lombardy. Read article HERE.
  • Boris Johnson and a number of famous people infected. Read the list HERE.
  • 159 million could die. Read the article HERE.
  • A life in lockdown. Read the article HERE.
  • READ THIS plea for help from Italy.
  • Sweden is under-reporting the real number of cases. Read the article HERE.
  • 12 countries closing borders. Read the article HERE.
  • The END of globalism? – 143 countries closing borders partially or fully. Read HERE.

17 April 2020.

12:11 GMT+1: Belgium reports 1 329 new cases and 306 new deaths.

The total numbers are now:

  • 36 138 cases
  • 5 163 deaths
  • 14.3% death rate

12:07 GMT+1: Russia reports 4 070 new cases and 41 new deaths today.

This takes the total numbers to 32 008 cases and 273 deaths in the country.

11:45 GMT+1: “Opening Up America Again” – Trump announces a three-phase plan to reopen the USA.

President Donald Trump has announced a three-phase plan to reopen America.

Trump said that the guidelines (known as “Opening Up America Again”) are for areas with low transmission of the virus.

Before starting with the first phase of the plan, a State must have seen a downwards trend in number of new cases over a period of 14 days.

Phase one of reopening:

  • Employers should continue remote working and to close common areas and enforce strict social distancing.
  • Restaurants, churches, gyms, cinemas and movie theatres can reopen with physical distancing measures enforced.
  • Doctors can resume elective surgeries.

If there’s no spike in number of new cases with these restrictions, the State can proceed to phase two of the plan:

  • Schools and bars can reopen with a smaller occupancy limit.
  • Non-essential travel can resume.
  • People can gather in groups no larger than 50 people, but employers should encourage remote working.

If there’s still no spike in number of new cases with these restrictions, the State can proceed to phase three of the plan:

  • People can go out in public as long as they follow social distancing rules.
  • Visits to hospitals and senior living facilities can resume.
  • Large venues can open with strict physical distancing guidelines in place.
  • Offices and other workplaces can return to normal without restrictions.

There are no timelines for each of these three phases.

Trump also suggested that 29 states should be able to reopen relatively soon, and some could start following the guidelines today.

“Now that we have passed the peak in new cases, we’re starting our life again, we’re starting rejuvenation of our economy again in a safe, structured and very responsible fashion,” Trump said.

16 April 2020.

20:01 GMT+1: Around 25 % of those in ICU has no cormobidities.

19:59 GMT+1: 75% of those in ICU is men. The median age is 61 years old.

19:54 GMT+1: In Sweden right now. 527 in intensive care for Covid-19. It has increased with 80 new patients since April 8th.

19:43 GMT+1: Famous TV personality in Sweden has died of Covid-19. Adam Alsing was only 51 years old and died yesterday in Stockholm at Hospital after fighting the virus for two weeks.

19:42 GMT+1: Sweden has the 12th highest number of deaths per capita in the world from corona virus.

12 April 2020.

19:37 GMT+1: Italy reports 4 092 new infections and 431 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 156 363 infected.
  • 19 899 dead.
  • 12.7% death rate.

15:49 GMT+1: Boris Johnson has now been released from hospital after having been in intensive care with corona virus.

11 April 2020.

19:26 GMT+1: The USA now has the highest number of corona virus deaths in the world at over 20 000.

18:21 GMT+1: Italy reports 4 694 new infections and 619 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 152 271 infected.
  • 19 468 dead.
  • 12.8% death rate.

13:27 GMT+1: Spain reported 3,579 new cases and 272 new deaths today.

  • 161,852 infections.
  • 16,353 dead.
  • 10.1% death rate.

13:25 GMT+1: The USA has passed 500,000 cases now.

10 April 2020.

19:44 GMT+1: France reports 7 120 new infections and 987 deaths from corona virus last 24 hours.

  • 124 869 infections.
  • 13 197 dead.
  • 10.6% death rate.

18:40 GMT+1: Over 100 000 people have now died worldwide due to corona virus.

18:35 GMT+1: Boris Johnson is now able to walk short periods again after being released from intensive care due to corona virus.

18:33 GMT+1: The UK reports 8 681 new infections and 980 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 73 758 infected.
  • 8 958 dead.
  • 12.1% death rate.

18:24 GMT+1: Italy reports 3 951 new infections and 570 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 147 577 infected.
  • 18 849 dead.
  • 12.8% death rate.

14:19 GMT+1: Sweden reports 77 new deaths and 544 infections last 24 hours.

  • 9 685 infected.
  • 870 dead.
  • 9% death rate.

13:20 GMT+1: Due to the high number of people requiring ventilators due to corona virus, Sweden is now beginning to run out of anesthetic. Because of this, patients in Sweden can now get an anesthetic normally used for animals.

12:32 GMT+1: Norway reports that the number of people in intensive care due to corona virus has decreased for the 6th day in a row.

12:25 GMT+1: Spain reports 4 576 new infections and 605 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 157 022 infected.
  • 15 843 dead.
  • 10.1% death rate.

9 April 2020.

20:37 GMT+1: BREAKING: Boris Johnson is out of intensive care and is recovering on the hospital ward.

20:35 GMT+1: France reports 4 799 new infections and 1 341 deaths from corona virus last 24 hours.

  • 117 749 infected.
  • 12 210 dead.
  • 10.4% death rate.

18:13 GMT+1: Italy reports 4 204 new infections and 610 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 143 626 infected.
  • 18 279 dead.
  • 12.7% death rate.

14:12 GMT+1: The last 10 days Sweden has seen a 341% increase in the number of deaths from corona virus. Sweden is one of the few countries that decided against social distancing and lockdowns.

14:04 GMT+1: Sweden reports 106 new deaths from corona virus last 24 hours and 722 new infections.

  • 9 141 infected.
  • 793 dead.
  • 8.7% death rate.

13:56 GMT+1: South Korea is reporting that at least 74 people who recovered from the corona virus have tested positive again for the disease. They believe that they have not been re-infected, but rather that the virus has re-activated in the patients.

12:24 GMT+1: Spain reports 5 756 new infections and 683 new deaths last 24 hours.

  • 152 446 infected.
  • 15 238 dead.
  • 10% death rate.

8 April 2020.

20:08 GMT+1: New York will now start including people who died at home suspected with corona virus in their daily report of number of dead. This after it emerged that hundreds of people have died at home, meaning the number of death in New York are likely under-reported.

18:15 GMT+1: Italy reports 3 836 new infections and 542 deaths last 24 hours. The number of infected is up from yesterday, but number of dead has decreased.

  • 139 422 infected.
  • 17 669 dead.
  • 12.7% death rate.

17:59 GMT+1:The UK reports 5 491 new infections and 938 deaths from corona virus last 24 hours.

  • 60 733 infected.
  • 7 097 dead.
  • 11.7% death rate.

17:06 GMT+1: Swedish hygiene company Essity is changing it’s production from diapers to face masks and will be ready to deliver 2 million face masks shortly.

15:49 GMT+1: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care due to corona virus and is receiving oxygen treatment. He is no longer working on advice of doctors.

11:50 GMT+1: Spain reports 6 180 new infections and 757 new deaths last 24 hours from corona virus.

  • 146 690 infected.
  • 14 555 dead.
  • 9.9% death rate.

7 April 2020.

19:55 GMT+1: France reports record number of 11 059 new infections today and 1 417 dead last 24 hours.

  • 109 069 infected.
  • 10 328 dead.
  • 9.5% death rate.

18:13 GMT+1: Italy reports 3 039 new infections and 604 deaths last 24 hours.

  • 135 586 infected.
  • 17 127 dead.
  • 12.6% death rate.

18:01 GMT+1: The UK reports new record high of 786 new deaths from corona virus.

  • 55 242 infected.
  • 6 159 dead.
  • 11.1% death rate.

15:02 GMT+1: The new powers that the Swedish government will get will amongst other things enable them to shut down businesses, transport and infrastructure to prevent the spread of corona virus.

14:34 GMT+1: The Swedish Socialist government has now received the support it needs to get more powers during the corona virus crisis. This means that they will be able to take decisions like shutting down businesses without having to get approval first from the parliament. However, the changes made by the government will then be sent afterwards for approval from the parliament, meaning they can veto decisions they do not agree with.

14:28 GMT+1: Sweden reports 478 new infections and 114 deaths from corona virus in last 24 hours. This is a massive increase in number of daily deaths compared with yesterday, which saw 76 deaths.

The number of daily deaths has increased with 50% today compared with yesterday.

12:20 GMT+1: Michael Gove, one of the most senior members of the British government is now self isolating after a family member displayed symptoms of corona virus.

11:43 GMT+1: Spain reports a large increase in deaths from corona virus compared with yesterday. 743 deaths have been reported and 5 478 new infections the last 24 hours.

  • 140 510 infected.
  • 13 798 dead.
  • 9.8% death rate.

11:33 GMT+1: Norway will be having border controls at the Oslo fjord to prevent people from crossing the border. Norway earlier closed the border with Sweden to prevent the spread of corona virus. The police, toll authority and the army coast guard will be working to guard the Oslo fjord.

11:25 GMT+1: British Prime Minister has been receiving oxygen due to his corona virus symptoms.

6 April 2020.

22:31 GMT+1: Dominic Raab is now the de facto Prime Minister in Britain as Boris Johnson is in intensive care due to corona virus.

21:30 GMT+1: BREAKING: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been put into intensive care after his condition worsened due to corona virus.

18:21 GMT+1: Now over 10 000 deaths from corona virus in the USA.

18:18 GMT+1: Global death toll from corona virus is now over 70 000.

18:12 GMT+1: Italy report 3 599 new infections and 636 deaths from corona virus last 24 hours.

  • 132 547 infected.
  • 16 523 dead.
  • 12.5% death rate.

16:13 GMT+1: BREAKING: Norway says the corona virus pandemic is under control in the country, with an infected person now only infecting 0.7 other people. This after Norway closed the borders and introduced social distancing.

15:56 GMT+1: An infant in Sweden has been infected with corona virus and is on ventilator.

14:23 GMT+1: Sweden reports 76 new deaths from corona virus the last 24 hours.

  • 7 206 infected.
  • 477 dead.
  • 6.6% death rate.

12:57 GMT+1: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has re-registered as a doctor and will work one shift a week to assist during the corona virus pandemic.

11:55 GMT+1: 4 273 new infections and 637 new deaths in Spain.

  • 135 032 infected.
  • 13 055 dead.
  • 9.7% death rate.

11:35 GMT+1: Japan has declared a state of emergency after an increasing number of corona virus cases.

09:26 GMT+1: Several hospital in Sweden are stopping the use of chloroquine as treatment for corona virus. This after reports of severe side effects from the medication.

“We cannot dismiss severe side effects, especially on the heart, and it is difficult to give the correct dosage. Also we don’t have any strong evidence that chloroquine has effect on covid-19” said Magnus Gisslén, professor and senior doctor at the infection clinic at Sahlgrenska university hospital.

5 April 2020.

22:48 GMT+1: Bronx Zoo says a tiger has tested positive for corona virus.

22:30 GMT+1: BREAKING: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital after still having persistent symptoms and high fever. He has now been sick with corona virus for 11 days.

21:13 GMT+1: EXPOSED: Megachurch pastors “prophecies” regarding corona virus FAILS. Read our article on it HERE.

18:21 GMT+1: The UK reports 5 903 new infections and 621 new deaths last 24 hours.

  • 47 806 infected.
  • 4 934 dead.
  • 10.3% death rate.

18:19 GMT+1: Italy reports 4 316 new infections and 525 new deaths from corona virus last 24 hours.

  • 128 948 infected.
  • 15 887 dead.
  • 12.3% death rate.

18:17 GMT+1: The death rate from corona virus in the Italian region of Lombardy is now at 17.6%

15:51 GMT+1: Tom Dempsey, the historic New Orleans Saints placekicker has died after being infected with corona virus.

12:58 GMT+1: Swedish media reported earlier today that the real number of dead from corona virus was much higher than the official figures, almost twice as much. However this story has been retracted by the media in Sweden later on.

12:53 GMT+1: Journalist and actor Patricia Bosworth has died after being infected with corona virus.

12:50 GMT+1: All flights between Sweden and the UK will be from the 9th of April.

12:46 GMT+1: Spain reports 6 023 new cases and 674 deaths in last 24 hours.

  • 130 759 infected.
  • 12 418 dead.
  • 9.5% death rate.

4 April 2020.

21:11 GMT+1: New York has 10 228 more cases today, which is more than the double of the whole of Italy. Italy had 4 805 new cases today.

21:05 GMT+1: Death rate in France goes up to 8.4 % with 7 560 dead.

20:52 GMT+1: United States has 301 147 infected and 8 173 dead.

18:16 GMT+1: Italy reports 4,805 new coronavirus cases and 681 new deaths. The total numbers are now 124,632 cases and 15,362 deaths.

10:48 GMT+1: The end of globalism? 143 countries worldwide have now either full or partial border closures due to the corona virus pandemic. Read the article HERE.

09:30 GMT+1: The U.S State Department is warning Americans who are abroad to return home as soon as possible if they wish, as transportation options may soon became unavailable.

20:59 GMT+1: Corona virus is now the world deadliest infectious disease, overtaking tuberculosis. On average 3 231 people die every day from tuberculosis, but corona virus has now overtaken that. 4 890 people died from corona virus yesterday, and 4 184 have died so far today.

20:11 GMT+1: Now over 1 000 000 infected with corona virus worldwide.

17:44 GMT+1 50,000 deaths by coronavirus worldwide now.

17:38 GMT+1 The death rate in Italy is 12.1% now.

17:35 GMT+1 Italy reports 4,668 new coronavirus cases and 760 new deaths. The total numbers are now 115,242 cases and 13,915 deaths.

03:28 GMT+1: There has been 26 473 new infections and 1 049 new deaths from corona virus in the USA in the last 24 hours. Total number of infected now stands at 215 003 and 5 102 deaths. The death rate has increased to 2.4%

03:22 GMT+1: A man was arrested on terrorism charges after attempting to crash a train into the USNS Mercy hospital ship in Los Angeles. The man appears to have believed in conspiracy theories that the ship was involved in a “government takeover”. The ship is in Los Angeles to provide relief during the corona virus pandemic.

02:12 GMT+1: The U.S Government has ordered 100 000 body bags as they are preparing for the corona virus pandemic. Trump has earlier said they are expecting 100 000 to 200 000 dead with social distancing measures.

21:39 GMT+1: The state of Florida is going into lockdown.

21:37 GMT+1: Sweden sees a 33% increase in number of deaths from corona virus in just 1 day. Now 239 people have died and 4 947 infected.

18:04 GMT+1: BREAKING: Italy reports 4 782 new infections and 727 new deaths in last 24 hours.

  • 110 574 infections.
  • 13 155 dead.
  • 11.9% death rate.

17:59 GMT+1: Spain reported 7 719 new infections and 864 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

  • 102 136 infections.
  • 9 053 dead.
  • 8.9% death rate.

17:40 GMT+1: UK reported a new record 4 324 new infections and 544 deaths from corona virus in 24 hours.

  • 29474 infected.
  • 2 352 dead.
  • 8% death rate.

16:19 GMT+1: Instructions to health personnel in Stockholm with regards to suspected covid19 deaths in homes. They shall not be tested for coronavirus, but the body shall be put in a bag and marked with “infection”.

15:59 GMT+1: Even in Germany the death rate has now come up to 1.1%.

13:49 GMT+1: Spain becomes the third country to pass 100,000 cases. After 6,213 new cases and 589 new deaths today, the total number now stands at 102,136 cases and 9,053 deaths.

13:46 GMT+1: Now 5000 cases and 253 deaths in Sweden.

09:46 GMT+1: USA megachurch pastor arrested after defying corona virus social distancing order. He claimed to have machines that would killed the virus and that God would supernaturally replenish people’s toilet paper supply.

Read the story HERE.

08:37 GMT+1: Yesterday the USA saw a record 865 new deaths from corona virus in a 24 hour period until Tuesday evening, this was an even higher death rate than Italy.

08:34 GMT+1: Youths in Sweden have been deliberately coughing on pensioners while saying “corona. Read our article on it HERE.

21:58 GMT+1: France reports 7 578 new infections and 499 deaths. Total number of infected now 52 128 and 3 523 dead. The death rate in France is still at 6.8%

18:17 GMT+1: Italy reports 4 053 new infections and 837 new deaths from corona virus.

  • 105 792 infected.
  • 12 428 dead.
  • 11.7% death rate.

18:14 GMT+1: The UK reports 3 009 new infections and 374 new deaths. Total number of infected now at 25 150 and 1 789 dead. This is a death rate of 7.1%

18:02 GMT+1: CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has tested positive for corona virus.

14:44 GMT+1: Spain reported 6,461 new cases and 473 new deaths earlier today, taking the total number to 94,417 cases and 8,189 deaths.

14:42 GMT+1: Coronavirus timeline:

  • 6 March: 100,000 cases
  • 18 March: 200,000 cases
  • 21 March: 300,000 cases
  • 24 March: 400,000 cases
  • 26 March: 500,000 cases
  • 28 March: 600,000 cases
  • 29 March: 700,000 cases
  • 31 March: 800,000 cases

14:41 GMT+1: 800,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide.

14:35 GMT+1: Sweden has now 192 deaths and 4,497 cases.

00:26 GMT+1: The number of intensive care admissions in Sweden has increased dramatically the last day. There are now 416, compared with 343 admissions only 24 hours ago.

00:13 GMT+1: 5 199 uniformed members of the NYPD on sick reporrt, this is 14.4% of the NYPD’s uniformed workforce. As of now, 824 uniformed members have tested positive for the corona virus.

00:01 GMT+1: More than 500 healthcare workers in Massachusetts have tested positive for corona virus.

23:05 GMT+1: Lockdown in Italy will be extended until at least April 12th.

19:06 GMT+1: 63 doctors have died from corona virus in Italy and 8 358 health care workers have been infected.

18:13 GMT+1: BREAKING: Italy reports 4 050 new infections and 812 dead.

  • 101 739 infections.
  • 11 591 dead.
  • 11.4% death rate.

18:08 GMT+1: Italian region of Lombardy reports 1 154 new infections. Total number of infected there are now 42 161 and 6 818 bringing the death rate to 16.2%

17:59 GMT+1: Sweden sees massive surge in intensive care patients due to corona virus, far above the normal compared with influenza type A and type B. Read the article HERE.

17:32 GMT+1: Norway is seeing a number of patients needing intensive care ABOVE the worst case estimate. Norway introduced social distancing 18 days ago, yet the number of patients needing intensive care exceed the worst case estimates. Currently, 104 people have gotten intensive care.

16:44 GMT+1: 61 Italian doctors have died from the corona virus.

04:35 GMT+1: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura has died from the corona virus.

03:15 GMT+1: Japan to deny entry of people arriving from the U.S, China, South Korea and most of Europe.

02:45 GMT+1: Horrific scenes from New York hospitals show dead bodies loaded onto trucks amid corona virus pandemic.

Read our article and watch the videos HERE.

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Paul Imanuelsen
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