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SHOCKING VIDEO: Swedish coronavirus patient SUFFOCATES to death after being REFUSED oxygen and intensive care

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Anita Pettersson, 55, was taken to hospital in late March after being diagnosed with coronavirus. But the hospital REFUSED to give her oxygen or send her to intensive care. Now her daughter has published a video where she films her mum suffocating to death.

Anita was in hospital for several weeks. When she was nearing the end of her life, the doctors let in her closest family to say goodbye to her. It was then her daughter Alexandra recorded the shocking video.

Video of Anita struggling to breathe.

The video shows how Anita struggles to breathe. Even though she was seriously ill, the hospital REFUSED to give her any oxygen or any morphine to ease the pain.

The day after the video was recorded, Anita died. And she was only 55 years old.

Doctor Jon Tallinger, who earlier did an interview about how people are refused oxygen in Sweden, has heavily criticised the care Anita got.

He describes it as a “torture”.

Alexandra, Anita’s daughter, is also very critical of the care her mother received. In a comment she tells:

“I thought what they did was completely wrong. My mother used to pull up the oxygen mask after a while because it pressed and wanted to rest the skin for a while. Then she took on the mask again. They interpreted this as not wanting oxygen. They told me “She is uncomfortable and worried about the mask”. But that’s not true because it is clear how she struggles to get air.”

When asked why she wants the information about what happened to her mother to reach the public she answered:

“I want people to see how horrible both what the virus does and to spread the knowledge to others that this is what happens if you don’t get oxygen, and what’s happening behind closed doors.”

Alexandra also asked the staff to send her to intensive care. But she was REFUSED this as well. The hospital said that “it would not make any difference”. This even though the hospital had available intensive care beds at this time.

Anita was hospitalised at Falun hospital, the biggest hospital in the region Dalarna.

Videos on what’s happening within the health care system are extremely rare in Sweden.

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Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, who's particularly fond of travelling and photographing nature sceneries in Europe. Travel editor at Times of Sweden. Paul has also authored several travel books about Norway, Sweden and Ireland.


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