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VIDEO: Swedish politician “we must put Swedes and Sweden first”

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Leading Swedish politician Jimmie Åkesson has released a speech for Swedish National Day on the 6th of June where he says it is “our moral duty to stop” the Socialist government in Sweden.

The speech has received a lot of positive comments on social media from Swedish people.

Jimmie Åkesson is the leader for the right-wing Swedish Democrat party who have been campaigning for years against mass migration and more conservative policies. The party describes itself as a Socially Conservative party with a Nationalist view.

“Sweden is ours and together…we will do everything protect and preserve that which we from our youth have learned to love. Our country. Our nation. Our home.” he says.

“There must be and end to ideas that Sweden as a self-proclaimed moral super power has some kind of fate-decided duty to always in all situations help others before our own…Now friends of Sweden, we must put Swedes and Sweden first”.

“The following is what is needed. We must immediately make sure to take measure that in practice puts a total stop for continued asylum and asylum related migration. The situation we have today with rampant spending in the wake of uncontrolled migration is so serious that even the smallest tendency of repeat would be completely devastating”

“There is zero room for more irresponsible politics. The boat is leaking and then it is not enough to stand and shovel with a bucket. You must fix the hole.”

In the video Jimmie Åkesson condemns the Swedish Socialist government for their corona virus response. “The rest of the world is wondering what is happening here” he says in the video.

“Our most important task right now is to protect those that built the country” he says. Many elderly people in Sweden have died from the corona virus, and doctors and whistle blowers have warned that elderly patients are simply left to die without even getting oxygen, despite Sweden having one of the world’s highest taxes.

“We have stories of elderly care homes that don’t give oxygen to elderly people that are on the verge of dehydration. When we have stories of how many haven’t received the hospital care they needed and have had a right to, but instead left alone. That’s when the line has been reached, friends of Sweden. That’s when the red line has been crossed.” he says.

“We will shake up this paralyzed leftist liberal establishment” Jimmie Åkesson said.

“That those that have built this country are left alone in the last moments of their lives, makes me really angry. All the anxiousness and loneliness they have felt must have been terrible. To be surrounded by emptiness, just in the moment when you need human connection the most, is so cold and so hard that I lack words. And this is something that happens in the welfare country Sweden 2020.”

Further on, he says there is always money for Sweden to send to other countries, like when Sweden decided to send $2.1 million to Somalia so they could pay their IMF debt right in the middle of the corona virus pandemic. However Sweden never seems to have money to protect it’s own citizens according to Jimmie Åkesson.

“Nothing can be more wrong. There is no shame whatsoever in protecting your own”.

“The rest of the world is wondering what is actually happening in the once so predictable, stable and safe little country Sweden”.

“The leftist liberal establishment is continuing to show a almost shocking contempt for the people”.

“We must now do everything in our power to stop this catastrophic government. It is our country that is at stake. It is our future that is at stake. It is our children, about their children. It is our moral duty, our responsibility, to stop what Stefan Löfven and the Social Democrat government is doing”

“When Sweden is rising again, because that we will, it is quick footwork and focus that is important. We must jump start the economy”.

The video can be watched in Swedish below. If you want to watch the whole video in English, there is an auto-translate function on YouTube that can be used.

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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