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Friday, July 3, 2020

VIDEO: British veterans DEFEND statues from ANTIFA

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Thousands of protesters singing the national anthem have taken to the streets of London to protect statues from being vandalized by far-left protesters.

Earlier this week Churchill’s statue was vandalized by far-left protesters with graffiti stating “was a racist”, causing officials to board up the statue to protect it.

The Cenotaph, a war memorial erected after the end of the First World War, was also boarded up to protect it from protesters.

Various groups from around Britain came to London to protect symbols of British history.

Videos showing large crowds standing in front of the Cenotaph and singing the British national anthem God Save The Queen.

Another video appears to show veterans from the Grenadier Guards arriving at the Cenotaph to protect it.

Yet another video shows a veteran saying the police threatened to arrest them if they didn’t move away from the war memorial.

However, things got heated as violence erupted from some protesters who started clashing with the police.

The British Home Secretary took to twitter to condemn the violence calling it “unacceptable thuggery” and that “violence towards our police officers will not be tolerated.”

People on the ground report a huge police presence deployed to deal with the right-wing protesters.

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