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OPINION: The far-left is a dangerous threat to democracy and freedom

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All throughout history, Communists have attempted to overthrow democracy and plunge the world into authoritarian darkness.

We are constantly told about the dangers of the far-right. The media is seemingly every week reporting on one story or another pertaining to this topic.

But what is going largely ignored is the threat of far-left extremists.

Communism has a terrible and violent history. Over 100 million people have died under Communism the last 100 years. Stalin was behind the Holodomor in which millions of Christian Ukrainians were genocided.

Chairman Mao and his “great leap forward” is estimated to have killed up to 45 million people.

We must not forget how the Communists seized power. It was a violent and bloody revolution led by the Bolsheviks that caused Russia to come under Communism and thus the Soviet Union was born.

The West, and especially the USA have been the pillars of freedom and democracy in the world. We have resisted Communism for over 100 years.

Many thought that Communism was over when the Soviet Union fell, however the far-left have not given up their hope of a Communist World Order.

You have to realize that the far-left have various different areas. There are the ANTIFA groups who often engage in violence and street fights.

Just some examples, last year a far-left extremist was arrested in Sweden after bombs were found, including one near a police station. Not long ago, French police raided an ANTIFA building and found explosives.

In 2017, German police registered 1 967 politically motivated violent acts from far-left extremists, which was more than the same number for far-right extremists.

According to Europol, there was actually 27 terrorist attacks committed by left-wing violent extremists in 2016. Yet we barely heard anything about this threat on the media.

When it comes to violent attacks, the far-left outnumbers the far-right. Yet the only thing we hear about in the media is the threat from the far-right.

Which leads us to the next part that is the most important to cover when it comes to the far-left threat.

You see, the Communists had a genius idea. They would go on a long march through the institutions. They would install their people in important positions in society, especially schools, universities media and films.

Here they could brainwash their students into becoming good faithful Communists. This is why there is a free-speech crisis on modern campuses. Communist professors have indoctrinated their students.

And make no mistake. Political correctness is a political tool that is used by the far-left to try and silence their opposition. Because their failed Communist ideology is so easy to criticize, they turn to try and silence their opponents instead. It’s cowardice.

It has taken many years, but we are now beginning to see the fruits of the Communists long march through the institutions. Have you ever wondered why so many journalists appear to be left-wing political activists? Well now you know why.

We are now seeing the far-left tear down statues, and ANTIFA have even taken over parts of Seattle and built a wall with armed guards. Make no mistake, they are attempting a revolution, and we are seeing some dangerous similarities with the Bolshevik revolution.

Have you wondered why they are tearing down statues? Just recently they even tore down a statue of George Washington, and it is no accident that they choose him.

This is not about racism. This is about erasing the history of the West so that they can rewrite history to fit their ideology.

George Washington is a symbol of freedom and liberty. Communists hate freedom and liberty, so they wanted him gone.

And to the Conservatives who think that ceding ground to the far-left will somehow gain them anything, well, it won’t. The far-left will still call them names and will never vote for them. By giving in to them, you are letting them win.

We have a long track record of Communism, and it is absolutely terrible. It leads to nothing but misery, poverty, starvation, oppression and death.

Communism cannot be allowed to take over again.

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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