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France: 47% agree anti-white racism is a problem

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In a new poll conducted by Ifop, French people say that racism against white people is a problem after the recent protests and riots, and nearly 2 out of 3 people have a good image of the police.

47% of French people agree with the existence of anti-white racism, however 36% rejected this and 17% choose not to comment.

In another question asked by the pollsters, 32% of people believe that “white privilege” is real, all though even more people believe that it doesn’t exist.

People were also asked about their feelings towards the police, with 46% of the French say they trust the police and 18% feel sympathy for them. Only 22% says the police inspires worry.

There is a generational divide however, as 50% of those aged over 35 trust the police, compared with 37% of those under the age of 35.

It also shows that supporters on the right have a more positive view of the police than people from the left.

And according to the survey, 42% of French people are interested in supporting demonstrations to denounce violence committed against the police, with 27% supporting demonstrations condemning “racism and police violence”.

Just recently there were riots in the French city of Dijon, with Cechen gangs fighting openly in the streets. The army was deployed to deal with the unrest.

The poll was conducted with 1 020 people aged over 18 years old.

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