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Hungary SUCCESS: Birthrate and marriage increase after PRO-FAMILY policies by conservative government

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There has been a 5.5% increase in births compared to last year after Hungary has implemented pro-family policies.

State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs Katalin Novák announced the positive news stating that there was 5.5% more births and 1.5 times more marriages in 2020 compared with last year.

Last year Hungary implemented a new pro-family legislation, increasing spending on family, with a total of £3.6 billion in subsidies for Hungarian families to support children and increase the birthrate.

With countries like Sweden and Germany looking to migration to solve the declining birthrate, Hungary on the other hand has worked hard to increase the birthrate in their country.

“Europe is at a crossroads. Western Europe seeks to address the problem of demography with simple solutions which only offer short-term success, but convey catastrophic consequences in the long run,” a government spokesman told Breitbart London.

“What we need is not numbers, but Hungarian children: we’re not seeking to sustain an economic system, but Hungary, the Hungarian nation and Hungarian history; we want to encourage the continuation of our families for several generations,” the spokesman said.

Some of the measures that Hungary has taken include a government grant of $33 000 to couples upon their marriage, with couples paying off the debt until they have 3 children, upon which the debt would be forgiven.

In September last year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said “Demographic crisis must be solved by powerful state efforts, we must have a demography-focused policy-making” adding that “we support traditional families”.

Hungary has also began offering free IVF treatments to couples as part of their effort to boost the birthrate in the country.

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Peter Imanuelsen
Peter Imanuelsen
Swedish journalist and political commentator. Founder and Editor-in-chief at Times of Sweden. Peter Imanuelsen has been reporting on the situation in Sweden for years and is more commonly known as PeterSweden on social media.


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