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Swedes DEFEND statue from far-left extremists

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A photo showing around 50 people defending a statue from being vandalized by far-left extremists is being praised on social media.

The group of people are supporters of the Swedish football club AIK and are part of a football supporter group called “Boys” according to Swedish politician Hanif Bali.

They gathered at a statue of the famous Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus (Carl Von Linné) in Stockholm to protect it from being vandalized by the far-left. This after rumors that the far-left were planning on destroying the statue.

However, no-one from ANTIFA showed up after the football supporters came to protect the statue.

Earlier this month an “anti-racist” activist indirectly encouraged people on social media to destroy statues of the scientist.

There has also been calls in Sweden to replace statues of historically important people like King Charles XII and replace him with a statue of Greta Thunberg.

Carl Linnaeus is a world famous botanist, zoologist and physician and he is known as the father of modern taxonomy, inventing the modern system of naming organisms.

A reason the far-left wants his statue removed is because they claim parts of his work in taxonomy was racist.

He wrote the famous Systema Naturae.

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