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Glasgow stabbings: Police investigate “offensive” comments about mass stabber

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Police in Scotland are investigating “offensive” and “potentially criminal” comments regarding a photo of the man who stabbed 6 people in a mass stabbing attack last week.

On Sunday, police released an image of the attacker. However police are now investigating comments to the image on social media, calling them “unacceptable”.

“We are aware of a number of offensive, unacceptable and potentially criminal comments in response to this image. These are being investigated and action will be taken where appropriate.” a spokesperson said.

The attack took place at a hotel that had been housing about 100 asylum seekers during the corona virus pandemic, with three of the injured being asylum seekers. A police officer was seriously injured in the attack.

28 year old Badreddin Abadlla Adam stayed in the hotel as an asylum seeker, and fellow residents had reported concerns about him when he said he was planning on using a knife.

He had reportedly been complaining about his living conditions in the hotel and was having difficulty with too much noise.

Scottish police has previously investigated possible “hate speech” crime after someone put up signs saying “It’s okay to be white”.

Peter Barrett, a councilor in the city of Perth where the signs were put up last year said “This is despicable hate speech. It is covert racism disguising white supremacist views”.

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