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Denmark says Syrian refugees must return home when safe

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The Danish government will start to re-evaluate residence permits given to asylum seekers from Syria as they deem it is now safe for some of them to return to their home country.

In a press release, the Danish government says that the situation in Damascus is now safe enough for people to return.

The Immigration and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye has decided that they will review residence permits and consider if there is reason to revoke them.

“Last year almost 100 000 refugees returned home to Syria from nearby areas. Their countrymen that have received protection in Europe, shall also of course return home, when the situation in Syria allows it.

The last weeks the independent Refugee Board has decided that five people from the Damascus province do not any longer have the right to temporary protection, because the situation in the area has improved. Therefore I have now decided that we shall quickly review the cases with refugees from Damascus to find out who no longer has the need for protection in Denmark. We are ready with quite a large sack of travel money for those that shall return and rebuild their existence in Syria.” said Mattias Tesfaye.

Around 5 000 people from Syria have refugee status in Denmark in the period from 2015 to 2019.

People who get their residence permit revoked in Denmark will have the right to seek monetary support to help them travel home and establish themselves in their country.

Denmark has taken a tougher stance on migration than for example neighboring country Sweden.

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