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Sweden: 19 year old MURDERED while trying to help woman from rapist

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A young man has been praised as a hero after he was murdered trying to save a woman from a rapist.

New disturbing details have emerged in this shocking murder case that took place on the 10th of May this year in an apartment in Sweden.

It all happened at an after party that was taking place at 19 year old Tommie Lindh’s apartment.

The police report reveals that a female friend to Tommie tried to sleep, when the suspect walked up to her and threatened her with a knife.

The suspect, a 23 year old man originally from Sudan, came to Sweden in 2005. He was upset because he had found a Swedish Democrat cap in the apartment and accused the woman and Tommie of being racists.

The Swedish Democrats is a right-wing nationalist party in Sweden.

The woman was then forced into the toilet where the suspect raped her while threatening to kill her unless she did as she was told.

Tommie Lindh who was sleeping, was awoken by the woman after the rape. They then call police. Tommie speaks with the police and tells them what the suspect did towards the woman. After this, they both hide in the toilet so they can speak undisturbed with police, however they forgot to lock the door.

“Tommie attempted to pass the time until police arrived and started brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Just when he was done, [name of suspect redacted] brandished the knife” the woman told police during questioning.

Then the suspect stabbed the young Tommie Lindh several times.

The woman saw how blood gushed out of a wound in Tommie’s chest.

“Then the [suspect] laughs and say, eh, I have killed him. Then he points the knife at me and tells me to follow. Because otherwise the same thing will happen to me.” the woman told police.

While Tommie was laying seriously injured in the bathroom, the woman was raped once again while being threatened with a knife.

“There is blood in the bed, it is Tommie’s” the woman said to police.

After about 1.5 hour the police finally arrive on the scene where they find the woman “noticeably shaken” on the floor outside the bathroom.

The suspect was pretending to sleep inside the bathroom and when he was arrested, according to police he got an “attitude”.

Photos taken by the police show the suspect laughing, pointing his tongue and doing the victory sign.

Police photo

The 23 year old is now being accused of murder, serious rape, rape, and serious illegal threats. He is also being accused of attempted murder on another man who earlier came to the apartment and tried to help the woman.

During questioning, the suspect claimed it was the woman’s brother that had forced her to say she had been raped.

“Her brother who is a racist wanted to report it as a rape, otherwise it would be a shame for her and her brother” said the 23 year old.

The court case begins on the 6th of October, same day as this article is being published.

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