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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Criminal gangs imposed 6 pm CURFEW in Swedish “problem area”

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Earlier this year police noticed that there was unusually few people outside in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta.

Police received information that gang criminals in the area were threatening people with weapons, forcing them to stay indoors.

“There was people from these groups that were out and told citizens that they shouldn’t be outside after 6 pm. It spread like a wildfire among those living in the area” There Rosengren, chief of police in the Rinkeby area, told TV4.

Asked what would happen if anyone ignored the gang imposed curfew, the police chief said that “people could be subject to serious violence”.

According to police, there are six different criminal gangs operating in this area, but especially two that have been in conflict the last two months. Police suspect it is these two gangs that are behind the curfew.

Tensta is featured on the police list of 60 vulnerable areas in Sweden. Some people call these areas for “no-go zones”.

These areas are notorious for high levels of crime and gang conflict, with bombings and shootings taking place. Just last month a bombing took place outside a family apartment in Tensta.

Earlier this year there was increased conflict between gangs in Sweden’s second largest city Gothenburg. During the conflict between the “Backa gang” and the clan Ali Khan, several shootings took place.

In August, young, masked men set up road blocks in several places in a Gothenburg suburb, stopping and doing checks on cars and drivers.

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